Is Cannabis a Psychedelic: How They Are Related?

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  There is an ongoing debate about whether cannabis is a psychedelic. This is despite the fact that marijuana isn't considered a psychedelic in normal circumstances. Cannabis induces hallucinations just like other psychedelics, but can…
Marijuana for seizures

Medical Marijuana and Seizures: Is Medical Marijuana Effective for Seizures?

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  In the 70's, medical marijuana was categorized as a 'schedule 1' drug in the U.S. under the Controlled Substance Act. The state did not recommend Schedule 1 drugs for any medical use. The argument behind this is that these drugs may…

MMJ: How it Works and The Conditions It Can Treat

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  The use of medical marijuana has increased over time, thanks to its beneficial relieving effects. With more states and countries legalizing its use, it is important to know how medical cannabis works and various conditions alleviated…
High CBD strains

Top 10 Highest CBD Strains With the Widest Therapeutic Effects

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  The word "CBD" is fast becoming popular throughout the world. You may have come across it while passing by a local pharmacy or looking at advertisements as CBD products are spreading faster than anticipated. CBD is more preferred compared…
Important things to know about mmj doctor

7 Important Things You Should Know Before Consulting Medical Marijuana Doctors

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  You can use medical marijuana to improve your health and wellbeing by consulting the best medical marijuana doctor. It’s important to note that you cannot obtain medical marijuana from your local cannabis dispensary if your doctor…
medical marijuana

7 Incredible Health Benefits of Medical Marijuana for Women

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  Before and during your menstrual cycle, you might feel unbearable pain that others dismiss as normal menstrual cramps. Some women also experience postpartum depression after giving birth. This condition prevents you from doing the…
marijuana edibles

What Are the Benefits and Risks of Using Marijuana Edibles?

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  Marijuana edibles refer to food products induced with marijuana such as brownies, candies and gummies, chocolate, cakes, and even teas. Just like any other form of marijuana consumption, marijuana edibles have their advantages and…
adhd and cannabis

Benefits of Medical Marijuana for Patients With ADHD

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One of the most controversial topics in recent times is the link between ADHD and marijuana use. ADHD {attention deficit hyperactive disorder} is a neurodevelopmental condition where the patient has variations in brain activity and development.…
COVID 19 and marijuana

Covid-19 and Marijuana Use: Does it Help or Harm?

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The medical benefits of Marijuana have been well-documented. Among the gains sited by experts, relief of chronic pain, help with losing weight, help with depression, and fighting cancer are some of the most prominent. Medical Marijuana can…
Cannabis and sleeping disorder

Is Cannabis the Remedy for Common Sleep Disorders?

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Are you getting adequate sleep? Getting enough hours of sleep is beneficial to your overall well-being. According to a CDC report, a third of Americans don’t get enough sleep. Insomnia and other sleep problems can lead to severe injuries or…