CBD conundrum

Here is Everything you Need to Know About CBD Conundrum

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  So far, 11 states in the U.S. have legalized both recreational and medical cannabis, and an additional 45 allow some form of medicinal cannabis use. As more states and countries around the world continue to allow legal use of cannabis…
Medical marijuana laws in Oklahoma

Detailed Overview of Current Medical Marijuana Oklahoma Laws

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  For many years medical marijuana (MMJ) users have had a hard time accessing and using medical marijuana. However, the legalization of medical marijuana in Oklahoma couldn't have come at a better time. Oklahoma's legalization turned…
Popularity of marijuana

5 Ways Medical Marijuana Is Growing in Popularity in the Healthcare Industry

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  The popularity of medical marijuana is like an unstoppable timeless trend that transcends social and psychological boundaries. Not only does it help relieve pain, it can be used for a wide diversity of medical purposes. Here are five…
cannabis and money saving

Can Medical Marijuana Help Ease the Medical Budgeting Issues?

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   Medical marijuana and healthcare issues have been on the US national radar for a while now. Naturally, the attention is quickly turning to where the two aspects overlap – the effects of medical cannabis on healthcare and whether…
Qualifying condition of Marijuana 2020

Qualifying Conditions of Medical Marijuana in Florida

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Medical marijuana has made huge strides over the years to be accepted as an asset in tackling a variety of health conditions. If you are a resident of Florida and you are considering switching to medical marijuana use, you must understand your…
marijuana and migraines

What Does New Research Say About Marijuana and Migraine?

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By now you're well informed of medical marijuana's pain-relieving properties. It's an increasingly sought-after alternative to prescription medication. THC, CBD, and other cannabinoids do a better job of tackling pain than potentially addictive…