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Top 10 Marijuana Dispensaries Near You in New York City

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  Are you looking for a trusted medical marijuana dispensary in New York?  Well, by now, you must be aware that marijuana is legalized in the city, famed as the capital of the world. Get beneficial health effects of Medical Marijuana by…
Does Smokable Marijuana Cause Lung Cancer

Does Smokable Marijuana Cause Cancer?

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Marijuana is a product that has spent decades being stigmatized by many groups and governments. It was long seen as only being used by delinquents and exclusively designed to get you high. However, recent decades have proven marijuana to be…
Medical Marijuana

How to Buy Medical Marijuana in California If You Are Under 21

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In 1996 California became the first state to pass a “Compassionate Care Act (CCA).” Under the new law, individuals who are over the age of 21 and suffer from one or more specific diseases can apply for a medical marijuana card. The rules…