Cancer is a disease caused by abnormal cell growth and splitting, destroying tissue. There are over 100 types of cancer, some of the most common being breast cancer, prostate cancer, lung cancer, and melanoma. Cancer is usually treated by radiation, surgery, or chemotherapy. Medical marijuana can treat symptoms of cancer and side effects of chemotherapy.


10 Medical Conditions That Can Be Treated with Marijuana

10 Medical Conditions That Can Be Treated with Marijuana

 Marijuana is becoming a more accepted treatment for a number of medical conditions. With the emergence of cannabis doctors and easier access to the drug through marijuana dispensaries, medical marijuana is now an accepted form of alternative…
Benefits of Medical Marijuana MMJ DOCTOR

Benefits of Medical Marijuana

Recreational Marijuana in California has just become legal and most of the cannabis community has celebrated. Even though the majority of people in the cannabis community are excited about this step towards the end of marijuana prohibition,…
Medical Marijuana might Be Best For Crohn’s Diabetes Nausea


  Contrary to popular opinion, raw cannabis has recently been shown to be effective in Crohn’s, nausea, uncontrolled vomiting, insulin issues, diabetes, high blood pressure, racing heart, and anxiety.  Everyone that’s familiar…
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How does Marijuana Interact with Pharmaceutical Drugs?

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Can Marijuana interact with my other medications? The straightforward answer to this is ‘Yes’! It is possible for Marijuana to interact with your medicine – in both positive as well as negative ways. Up until sometime, medical marijuana…