Common Mistakes to Avoid while Cooking Cannabis Edibles

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  Acceptance of marijuana usage continues to gain traction across the globe. Locally, some states have legalized the growth of cannabis for both medical and recreational usage. For as long as cannabis has been in use, people have embraced…
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The Secrets Behind Heating Marijuana Edibles

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  Fundamental physics has it that heat makes molecules substantially more active. So does heating marijuana edibles make them more potent?  How to make extremely stronger edibles is every marijuana enthusiast's concern. Edibles…
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Cooking with Marijuana: 9 Tasty Recipes of Weed

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  With the easing of statutes surrounding marijuana, various cannabis products are popping up in the recreation and health industry. But you don’t have to buy ready-made marijuana products to get your fix; you can also cook with marijuana…
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What Are the Benefits and Risks of Using Marijuana Edibles?

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  Marijuana edibles refer to food products induced with marijuana such as brownies, candies and gummies, chocolate, cakes, and even teas. Just like any other form of marijuana consumption, marijuana edibles have their advantages and…
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A Guide for Managing Pain Using Medical Cannabis

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  Pain causes a lot of suffering and can even prevent you from going about your normal routine. It is also the most common reason why people seek medical attention. Since the pain can occur as a result of numerous reasons, it is usually…
Edible Marijuana items Safe for Human Consumption

Edible Marijuana Items that are Safe for Human Consumption!

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  When you think of weed, a cigarette looking like a joint is what comes to mind. But did you know that there are lots of ways that you can take marijuana? Weed infused edibles are all the craze right now in the cannabis industry. From…
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The Ultimate Beginners Guide to Marijuana Edibles (Updated 2021)

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Cannabis edibles are a tricky business. Even if you’ve smoked many a joint before, edibles, as the kids would say, hit differently. For one, you’re likely to experience higher highs. Indeed, many users get high within just 30 minutes…
Mailing Marijuana Across States

Will You Get Arrested for Mailing Medical Marijuana in 2021? 4 Things to Know!

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  "Watch out! You risk getting five years imprisonment for mailing less than 50 grams of Medical Marijuana. There are higher chances of getting a longer sentence if you send larger quantities".   Discover numerous benefits…

How to Make the Best Marijuana Brownies: The Complete Recipe

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Weed brownies are probably the most common edibles. Ask anyone how they have had pot, and most of them will mention brownies. All the sweetness of brownies and benefits of weed rolled into one delicious brown square of heaven. Who wouldn't…