Guide to indoor cannabis growing will help simplify the process for you into clear, easy-to-digest sections designed to help the first-time grower get started.

Marijuana Plant

3 Proven Ways to Determine the Sex of Your Marijuana Plant

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  Marijuana, just like many other living organisms such as humans, animals, and various plants, is also dioecious, which means that their reproductive systems are located in separate plants. The ability to distinguish male vs. female…
cannabis and money saving

Can Medical Marijuana Help Ease the Medical Budgeting Issues?

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   Medical marijuana and healthcare issues have been on the US national radar for a while now. Naturally, the attention is quickly turning to where the two aspects overlap – the effects of medical cannabis on healthcare and whether…
mmj card in us

7 Medical Marijuana Card Benefits

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  Medical marijuana has been proven to have a tremendous positive impact on a myriad of illnesses, including cardiovascular diseases, mental health disorders, and even chronic pain.  As more states continue to legalize the use of medical…
Marijuana Growers in California: After Proposition 64

Underground Marijuana Growers in California: After Proposition 64

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  The state of California has a long history with marijuana, including both legal and illegal production. Let’s look at the history of legislation and the most recent proposition passed regarding the legalization of marijuana in…