Not all cannabis is created equal. Different strains of cannabis produce different effects, and thus can be used for different reasons.

Medical Marijuana

Can Medical Marijuana Treat Chronic Migraine Headaches?

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  A headache now and then is a common occurrence even among healthy people. The headache can be triggered by stress, exhaustion, jet lag, neck tension, or following alcohol consumption. However, migraines are nothing normal. These are very…
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Eye-Opening Marijuana Facts You Should Know Today

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Why Medical Marijuana Should be Legal Many people are realizing the benefits of marijuana and this has seen it get legalized in many American states. In states where cannabis is yet to get legalized, considerations are being made to legalize…

How to Select Marijuana for your Medical Condition?

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Marijuana is not new to the medical world. It has been around for over 2,500 years, starting in China as a marijuana tea to treat malaria, memory, and gout. It was also seen as early as 2000 B.C. in India and 1,550 in Ancient Egypt. Marijuana…


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Types Of Marijuana - Indica, Sativa, Hybrid In the production of marijuana, there are three main types of leaves used: Cannabis sativa, Cannabis indica, and also a hybrid plant. The hybrid plant was just newly introduced and it involves the…