The legality of cannabis for medical and recreational use varies by country, in terms of its possession, distribution, and cultivation, and (in regards to medical) how it can be consumed and what medical conditions it can be used for.


Federal Legalization of Weed: What Does the Law Say?

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  It’s incredible how there’s more public support for legalizing weed and marijuana reforms throughout the county than ever before. If you looked at any pools carried out in the past few years, you could not miss the ever-growing trend…
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An Overview of Missouri Medical Marijuana Laws

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Although marijuana was previously illegal, Missouri decriminalized its use in May 2014, when the Senate Bill 491 was passed. The bill reduced penalties on marijuana offenders. In 2018, the state of Missouri legalized the use of medical marijuana,…
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Why Not All Doctors Prescribe Medical Marijuana?

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  If you are suffering from a chronic illness and haven’t found pain relief using pharmaceutical medicine, your next alternative could be medical marijuana. Marijuana has, for a long time, been considered illegal in most states. However,…
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Qualifying Conditions of Medical Marijuana in Florida

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Medical marijuana has made huge strides over the years to be accepted as an asset in tackling a variety of health conditions. If you are a resident of Florida and you are considering switching to medical marijuana use, you must understand your…
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Bay Area Cities, Counties Oppose Legal Marijuana

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"As of today, July 2017, You can`t buy recreational marijuana in Bay Area and in California." -  Lawyer Most of us are wondering what laws are binding on marijuana use for therapy or even recreation and it isn’t surprising. A thorough observation…
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Lawmakers have doubts that California Recreational Marijuana will be in Place by Deadline

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SALES OF RECREATIONAL POT IS STILL ILLEGAL IN CALIFORNIA State lawmakers voiced doubts Monday about the ability of state agencies to finish crafting regulations and a licensing system for the sale of recreational marijuana in California by…
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How does Marijuana Interact with Pharmaceutical Drugs?

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Can Marijuana interact with my other medications? The straightforward answer to this is ‘Yes’! It is possible for Marijuana to interact with your medicine – in both positive as well as negative ways. Up until sometime, medical marijuana…


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2020 Guide to Medical Marijuana in California 2020 is going to be a turning point for Marijuana supporters for the following reasons: With the passing of The Dennis Peron and Brownie Mary Compassionate Care Act, cannabis would also be…
Medical Marijuana in California

Medical Marijuana in California: Your No. 1 Complete Guide

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The use of medical marijuana worldwide has been steadily on the rise. This trend owes much to States progressively passing approved measures that regulate the consumption, growth, storage, packaging, and transportation of marijuana and its…