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Medical cannabis for autism

Magical Impact of Cannabis on Autism

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  Autism is a brain development disorder linked to impaired social interaction and communication, or else, curtailed and repetitive behavior.  The first signs always manifest in the first three years of a child. Over the years, there…
Medical marijuana laws in Oklahoma

Detailed Overview of Current Medical Marijuana Oklahoma Laws

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  For many years medical marijuana (MMJ) users have had a hard time accessing and using medical marijuana. However, the legalization of medical marijuana in Oklahoma couldn't have come at a better time. Oklahoma's legalization turned…
Marijuana for headaches

Medical Marijuana for Headaches: Can Medical Cannabis Reduce Headache by 50%?

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Headaches are a common occurrence, and everyone gets them at some point. However, recurring headaches that last or interfere with your daily activities may need you to seek medical attention. Medical marijuana can help relieve pain from headaches…
Medical Marijuana

Top Marijuana Strains for Different Situations

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  Medical Marijuana has been in use since the 18th century. In the marijuana community, there have been about 779 weed strains with a name to them. All these have different chemical compositions, and thereby varied effects on the human…