Medical Marijuana

improve appetite in people with HIV/AIDS, reduces chronic pain and muscle spasms and treats severe forms of epilepsy.


Pain management

A Guide for Treating and Managing Pain Using Medical Cannabis

  Pain causes a lot of suffering and can even prevent you from going about your normal routine. It is also the most common reason why people seek medical attention. Since the pain can occur as a result of numerous reasons, it is usually…
Medical marijuana

Top 17 Reasons to Try Medical Marijuana Tinctures!

By now, you’ve probably heard about CBD, the super-compound in cannabis that’s taking the world by storm. Cannabidiol (CBD), as it is called in full, is one of 113 compounds in the cannabis plant. Whether combined with THC or extracted…
Marijuana and heart health

Medical Marijuana and Heart Health: Essential Information You Need To Know

According to the World Health Organization, cardiovascular diseases claim 17.9 million lives each year globally. Cardiovascular disease is a general term that describes health conditions affecting both the heart and blood vessels. These include…
Medical marijuana and PTSD

Why Cannabis is an Effective Treatment for PTSD?

Millions of people across the world battle post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). According to the Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Society, more than 70% of American adults have experienced at least one traumatic event in their life. Of these,…
Peripheral Neuropathy

Yes, Medical Marijuana Can Help in the Treatment of Peripheral Neuropathy

  About 1-in-25,000 people worldwide have peripheral neuropathy, according to the Foundation for Peripheral Neuropathy. In the US, an estimated 30 million people have the disease. But don’t worry Medical Marijuana has a cure to it…

Want to use Marijuana to Manage Anxiety? Here’s What to Know

Anxiety disorder is a prevalent mental illness worldwide which can be treated effectively with Medical Marijuana. The Anxiety and Depression Association of America (ADAA) estimates that it affects 40 million adults in the US alone. Get a…
top 40 authorities youtube

Top 40 Authoritative YouTube Channels On Medical Marijuana

Medical Marijuana is the use of the whole, unprocessed marijuana plant to relieve symptoms of illness. According to scientific studies, chemicals in Marijuana, also known as cannabinoids, have led the FDA to approve three medications…
Marijuana and Bipolar Disorder

How to Treat Bipolar Disorder with the Help of Medical Marijuana

Bipolar disorder is a psychological disorder that affects your energy levels, mood, and general behavior. Those who have bipolar disorder often experience manic periods, which are characterized by short periods of elevated mood and high energy.…
Anxiety and marijuana

Marijuana and Anxiety: What You Should Know!

In recent years, a growing number of US states have legalized marijuana for recreational or medical purposes. Studies have shown that an overwhelming number of people in the US consider marijuana to have some health benefits, forcing the authorities…
marijuana for weight loss

How Marijuana Can Help You Slim Down?

  Nearly 35% of American adults are obese. Many of them have tried weight loss medications and other interventions with little success. This is where marijuana comes in. Medical marijuana has gained recognition in the past few years…