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If you’ve ever visited an MMJ Doctor through our telehealth application zenmd.net, you know that our facilities and our MMJ Doctors are 100 percent legitimate. However, we’d like to inform the public of fraudulent medical marijuana clinic that…
The Future of Marijuana Delivery

The Future of Marijuana Delivery

With adult-use marijuana right around the corner, people want to know what marijuana delivery will be like in 2018.   Although there are several marijuana dispensaries that provide delivery services for medical marijuana, many of…
5 Reasons to Get Your Medical Marijuana Card Online

5 Reasons to Get Your Medical Marijuana Card Online

In the state of California, it is legal to obtain and use medical marijuana if you are in possession of a state-issued medical marijuana card from a qualified physician. To qualify for a cannabis card, you need only state that you have…
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How Does Marijuana Kill Cancer Cells. 2018 Study

Medical Marijuana for Cancer New research has provided substantial evidence about what many people have long suspected: marijuana kills cancer cells. The National Cancer Institute recently published its research about Cannabis, indicating…
Benefits of Medical Marijuana MMJ DOCTOR

Benefits of Medical Marijuana

Website: www.mmjdoctor.com Recreational Marijuana in California has just become legal and most of the cannabis community has celebrated. Even though the majority of people in the cannabis community are excited about this step towards the…
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Why is Cannabidiol (CBD) a Schedule 1 Drug?

Cannabis. It doesn’t sound harmful or deadly, does it? Unfortunately, many people don’t believe that cannabis is harmless. In fact, just as many people argue that cannabis is not helpful for some medical conditions. And of course, those…

2018: The Year of Recreational Marijuana

Since Proposition 64 passed in 2016, new weed laws in California are gradually being established to regulate the use of recreational marijuana. That’s right! Starting in 2018, recreational marijuana will be legal in California, which…
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