Marijuana dispensaries are opening across the United States, which means finding the right Cannabis software is also very important. There are so many different reasons why finding the right software is essential for a marijuana dispensary to be successful.

Technology Solutions 4 Marijuana Business

Technology Solutions for Marijuana Business

This industry is becoming competitive with a great deal of new technology, but also the actual software that helps manage a marijuana dispensary is now becoming important.

Sales Software

No, medical marijuana software is not going to help you make sales, but it is going to give you features and tools that can help increase your sales.

Many different types of software have new options that make reaching out to existing customers easier.

For instance, if you have a new customer walk into your marijuana dispensary and you would like to leave a great impression – why not offer a discount for a first time purchase?

Most patients and recreational users will be immediately interested, but what makes these individuals instantly become hesitant is their contact information is entered into a database. That means that a dispensary needs to be able to control the contact methods of all of their customers.

In some cases, different types of marijuana software offer options like text messaging when there is a specific sale for existing customers. Most people tend to respond to text messaging much better as opposed to frequent telemarketing phone calls.

Also, in today’s technology, it seems like almost every business has an app that can be downloaded. These apps are secure, they make the method of payment easier, and everything goes smoother. The app can have any promotional code or discount that might be a current special and customers are able to browse the app before entering a dispensary. A great way of attracting even more customers is frequently updating marijuana dispensary software and the app. Even doing loyalty points is another great way to attract new customers, but to maintain existing customers. That is why having the right Marijuana software with features is so important.

Entry Point

Anytime a new customer enters a cannabis dispensary, the staff by law needs to check for identification and a marijuana recommendation (not needed for recreational sales).  Most MMJ EMR are available to be verified either by a phone call or by going to a website. However, in some cases that does not always happen. Having the right mj software will help anyone working in a dispensary get all of the relevant information together immediately and it can be verified. The patient or customer needs to have an account started, but most people get anxious waiting for all of their information to be inputted. The right MMJ software will have a scanning option that can eliminate all of that wait time.

All it takes is a quick scan of the patient’s state identification and a photo of their MMJ recommendation from their doctor and a profile for the customer can be created. If the customer chooses to have their telephone number added to their profile, that can be done. After that, when a customer makes a purchase, it will be recorded under their profile. That is a terrific way to keep track of all of the purchases, but many times people come back into dispensaries and they cannot remember what they purchased. Having a record or some form of a log fixes that problem. It also is great for customer service.


Marijuana software for dispensaries has proven its value in many ways. At the end of each day, a marijuana dispensary needs to get a report to see how many transactions have occurred, the total amount of sales for the day, and the expected amount of cash. This information is essential, because dispensaries are under strict regulations by the state and the government. This software will be able to give an accurate reading of everything that goes on daily. It also makes providing any necessary reports quick and painless.

Technology and Marijuana Marketing

Cannaberry - marijuana discounted

Cannaberry – marijuana discounted

Even a manager that is not very familiar with marketing will be able to utilize MMJ software. A wonderful feature about this type of software is the fact that: customers can be reached via email or text messaging with discount codes, promotions, and even a sale alert.

This may not seem like an important part of marketing, but it actually is. Marketing and advertising is very expensive, but being able to do it for free using software is going to save money in the long run. The days of marketing using flyers and printing out advertisements in magazines are starting to become a thing of the past. Digital marketing is becoming a leader, just because of so many people using electronic devices.

It’s a wonderful idea to constantly have an existing promotional code for customers. Not only will a promotional code attract existing customers, but new customers will be able to reach out and sign up for a new customer profile.  Visit to see how you can increase local sales by posting your cannabis coupons online. One stop


Marijuana Technology . Cannabis Investors and Startups

Marijuana Startups and Investors for Technology

This is extremely important for a medical marijuana dispensary or any type of recreational dispensary to have an updated inventory.

Our cannabis software can keep track of all of the inventory that is entered and when merchandise is sold, the inventory will reflect everything that is done. This inventory monitored by the software will eliminate unnecessary invoices and keep a messy paper trail under control.

Management and staff members need to be sure they are properly trained when it comes to entering new inventory into the system, so that there are never any glitches in regards to the amount of marijuana in a dispensary.

There are many responsibilities that when owning a marijuana dispensary. With the correct cannabis software, not only will customers appreciate having a system that operates efficiently, but all of the doctors that issue medical marijuana recommendations will be pleased to see the overall doctor/patient/vendor experience working in a timely fashion.

This billion-dollar industry is only growing and in time, Marijuana POS will be the only way to monitor and maintain accurate business records for all marijuana transactions.

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