Getting the right medical marijuana EMR software is very important for any physician that plans on doing medical marijuana recommendations.

The software needs to have several features and it also needs to be on a secure network. Many physicians question just how secure MMJ EMR software really is?

The Essentials For MMJ EMR Doctor Software

The Essentials For MMJ EMR Doctor Software

In order to find the best software – research and of course demos will be a critical part.

The Medical Marijuana Industry

As the medical marijuana industry gets more popular, so are all of the different software features. One of the main features that is a must: making sure the software and the website are HIPAA compliant.

Now, getting software that has customization specifically for the cannabis industry is available. Doctors are able to navigate through the software using a secure network. The ability to manage patient files, do video chat appointments, and even maintain a calendar has become even easier.

This is critical for time management and it also helps manage patients. The ultimate goal is to see as many MMJ patients as possible; therefore getting the right MMJ software is a must.

HIPAA Compliant

Any cannabis software is going to be HIPAA compliance with the ability to backup records on a regular basis. Not only is that a feature, but making sure that there is a secure firewall functioning all the time. The right firewall is going to protect patient records, but also allow the website to function at an optimum speed.  This is crucial, because in order to do any type of video chat consulting with the patient – the website and software need to be functioning correctly.

MMJ Patient Management

Doctors and supporting staff will appreciate specific features such as the ability to manage the patients. It is essential when it comes to searching for a patient. Also, the patient needs to be able to activate their account and be able to navigate without any issues. In some cases, a patient can call a support line and the supporting staff will be able to get a patient all set up. The ability to add as many patients as a doctor needs to is also a feature to look for.

MMJ Doctor Electronic Medical Records Software - EMR

MMJ Doctor Electronic Medical Records Software – EMR

When searching for patients, supporting staff or a physician will appreciate being able to search within the last three days of seeing a patient or being able to do a “smart search” with one click of a button is another great way to find patients faster.

The search can also be with an email or a telephone number. Also, when a patient records are accessed, the ability to find the expiration date for their medical marijuana recommendation is not only a great way to manage patients, but it makes the process of renewing their medical marijuana recommendation even easier.

It will increase sales and the patient account is already complete.

MMJ Software Analytics

Analytics are another important part of MMJ EMR software.  Being able to review important information about the success of a medical marijuana business is important. With medical marijuana software, dashboard widgets are perfect.

The ability to review the status of a day, a week, or even a month with a pie chart or a line chart is extremely helpful. It gives a great view of how a doctor’s business is doing, but also the ability to see how many new accounts as opposed to renewals will help marketing and advertising. When a patient has a medical marijuana recommendation that is about to expire, the doctor will be able to reach out to the patient prior to the expiration date and get a quick sale.

Smart Devices

Not all patients know how to operate a computer. In order to do an online video chat, a patient will need to have a webcam. That process alone can be very discouraging, especially if a computer is older and the current software is not compatible with an old version of Windows or Mac. In the last few years, electronic devices such as smart phones and tablets seem to be the way to go. Downloading an app is extremely user-friendly.

All the patient needs to do is download the app, and then create an account, and then start the visit with the doctor. This is really convenient and in some cases – the app will pick up the patient’s location and give a list of nearby medical marijuana dispensaries. It is convenience at its finest and it really works for users of all ages. If the patient chooses to keep the app on their smart phone, the ability to get reminder notices is perfect – especially when a MMJ recommendation is going to expire.

MMJ EMR Verification

Medical Marijuana Software

Medical Marijuana Software – EMR/ POS

One of the best features to look for in cannabis software is going to be the ability for a dispensary or a doctor to verify an existing recommendation.

There are a few different ways this can be done, but most websites have a specific area that is automated. The marijuana recommendation and the patient’s name can be entered. From there, a dispensary can verify the patient’s name, the date of birth, and the doctor that issued the medical marijuana recommendation.

Some websites also have a 24/7 phone number that can be called. This is also automated, so having these two options is recommended.

The great news about MMJ EMR doctor software is that there are many different pricing packages. It is a good idea to research all of the features and decide what kind of business to operate. Then, doing some research online is recommended, because the features and pricing packages will be important.

Many of the different software companies charge per month. The most important part is to go slow and think about a long-term business with growth, because you want to be sure that you have software that will be able to handle your patient flow and the software needs to be user-friendly.  Also, always be sure the software can be used from a smart phone or another electronic device.

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