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Over time, the health industry has made tremendous progress in the implementation of telehealth services. These services allow doctors to complete tasks with their patients, even when away from their offices. For this solution to work efficiently, the software helps manage client information, and most importantly, is available to any client who is searching. These applications include EMR software for doctors.

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What Is EMR Software Anyway?

An electronic medical records software is a program that helps health institutions create, store, and update their patients’ medical information digitally. This software handles the day to day operations of the health institution. 

Through the EMR software, the doctors can:

  • Get all the information about their patients
  • Schedule appointments with their new and existing patients
  • Generate reports on the performance of their clinics
  • Bill their clients
  • Maintain a list of insurance payers they accept

Below is a list of essential EMR software features:

1. HIPAA Compliance

HIPAA, or the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, is a law in the US, passed in 1996 to protect patients’ medical records from public exposure. This act applies to every entry associated with patients’ health, ranging from doctors to insurance companies and health institutions.

When it comes to marijuana patients, this policy becomes more important. This is because not everyone wants to broadcast to the nation that they are under a cannabis program. Therefore, whatever software is used in healthcare should completely protect the information given by the patient.


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How an EMR Software Helpful?

2. MMJ Software Analytics

For most medical marijuana clinics, analyzing the clinic’s performance and the progress of your patients is an integral part of your success. However, when you handle things digitally, such as having telehealth services, it could be hard to track all the patients you cater to and their responses.

That is why you should choose excellent cannabis telehealth software to use with your patients. 

The best EMR software for marijuana doctors helps you review all the information submitted by patients, besides allowing you to check their feedback daily, weekly, or monthly.

Several applicable features of this tool help you analyze information holistically. Some of these attributes include pie and line charts.

As a common practice, any institution that is up to date on their performance markets its services better. 

Finally, by analyzing their patient’s records, marijuana doctors have an updated list of clients. Therefore, they know when your card is about to expire and remind you in time for you to apply for a renewal.


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3. MMJ Patient Management

Running an organization that offers critical services to people always has its share of difficulties. You will still encounter a patient who is dissatisfied with how long it took to confirm their appointment or why they are not getting a response on time.

However, by employing the best doctor app for you, your supporting staff, and your patients, you can easily manage patients, meaning fewer complaints and more positive feedback.

A good EMR software allows the staff to search for a patient and access their information in a few clicks. Also, the software will enable patients to register and activate their accounts with minimal effort.

On the same software, patients can also get access to helplines, thereby enabling subjects to reach the health organization they are interested in.

So, if you are a marijuana doctor looking to make work easier for your supporting staff, look out for this feature when getting EMR software.

4. Smart Device Compatibility

Have you ever opened a website and can only see half of the page, or cannot scroll through the website? These are some of the problems you encounter when the software used is incompatible with mobile phones.

However, when handling patients, it is important to know that they will not always be close to their laptops. Therefore, choose very carefully. Choose EMR software that allows your patients to access health services from any smart device.

Typically, the more the cannabis software is easy to use, the more likely you are to get new clients, so keep that in mind.


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Essential EMR Software features

5. EMR Verification Services

One of the best features that cannot be overlooked is the ability of the marijuana doctor to verify a current recommendation. 

This feature alone can help resolve many of the problems experienced when trying to reach your doctor, only to find them out of the office.

Through the EMR software for doctors, you can search the patient’s name, and you will see the name of the doctor issuing the recommendation and the subject’s date of birth. And remember, you can never go wrong with a 24/7 automated verification plan.

Now, How Much Does Medical Software Cost?

Whether you choose on-site deployment or web-based deployment EMR software, the prices can range between $15,000 and $70,000 per provider.

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Final Remarks

Prioritizing your patient’s needs is one of the most important considerations of running a medical marijuana clinic. But the industry thrives on reliability and privacy. So, when your clinic becomes associated with these two meaningful features, you will keep getting new clients every day.

Try out one of the best doctor’s app today and immediately notice the change in your performance.

Getting in touch with reliable EMR services from health care providers is an important feature for all marijuana patients. And at MMJ Doctors, we help you get in touch with a doctor to obtain a recommendation or get a marijuana card. Contact us today and enjoy the best the industry has to offer.

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