The Future of Marijuana Delivery

The Future of Marijuana Delivery

The Future of Marijuana Delivery 

With adult-use marijuana right around the corner, people want to know what marijuana delivery will be like in 2018.  

Although there are several marijuana dispensaries that provide delivery services for medical marijuana, many of them will also be providing delivery for adult-use marijuana as well. Which ones? Well, we will have to wait and find out. 

Will Drones Deliver Adult-Use & Medical Marijuana in the Future? 

Although weed delivery with a drone would be awesome, it doesn’t seem like this will be a possibility any time soon. Companies like Amazon and other delivery services may be able to use drones to deliver products before authorities allow the delivery of marijuana. 

The Bureau of Cannabis Control in California (the bureau) will soon implement regulations to ban drones from delivering marijuana as part of their on-going process of regulating adult-use marijuana. 

Since the passing of SB 94, which merged two regulatory bills into one, Medicinal and Adult-Use Cannabis Regulation and Safety Act (MAUCRSA), California is beginning to define each aspect of how adult-use marijuana will be distributed, transported, and delivered. The bill clarifies giving authority to the California Highway Patrol for the “safety of operations of all vehicles transporting cannabis and cannabis products” (leginfo.legislature.ca.gov, 2017). 

According to the text of SB 94, “The transportation of cannabis and cannabis products shall only be conducted by persons holding a distributor license under this division or employees of those persons” (leginfo.legislature.ca.gov, 2017).  

Essentially, this means that only licensed individuals can transport cannabis, not drones. But if you know anything about technology and trend of advancement, you know that it is only a matter of time before licenses are provided for marijuana drone-delivery as well. Unfortunately, we’re not there yet.  

Will All Dispensaries Deliver? 

marijuana delivery - mmjdoctor

marijuana delivery – mmjdoctor

Delivery services will depend on the licenses of each dispensary. Some dispensaries may utilize the services of third-party services to deliver their product and some may delivery it themselves, but again it will depend on the type of license they have. SB 94 also indicates that “transportation safety standards established by the bureau shall include, but not be limited to, minimum standards governing the types of vehicles in which cannabis and cannabis products may be distributed and delivered and minimum qualifications for persons eligible to operate such vehicles” (leginfo.legislature.ca.gov, 2017).  

Delivery of cannabis products seems to be inevitable since the California economy is the largest in the United States and adult-use marijuana is poised to contribute over $5 billion to the state, and making marijuana easily accessible through delivery services will only increase that margin. 

As consumers and lawmakers begin to see eye-to-eye on several issues including delivery, we can expect more accessibility to adult-use and medical marijuana in the future. There are even companies that are looking to develop smartphone applications to turn weed delivery into something that is Uber-esque. In fact, many dispensary companies have already begun integrating their websites and the initial application platform to host such delivery services. 

According to sources at local dispensaries, smartphone applications are complete and companies are just waiting to get approved to sell adult-use marijuana by the state before they start marketing their marijuana delivery applications.  

Delivery service for medical marijuana is already available today, but you need to have a valid medical marijuana recommendation to take advantage of the great service. You can get your medical marijuana recommendation online today. Visit www.zenmd.net or download the ZenMD application on your smartphone, and you can get consult with a physician today. Click here for more details. 

Where Can I Find Recreational Marijuana Now? 

As of today, there are some dispensaries allowed to legally sell adult-use (recreational) marijuana in the state because only few of them were licensesed. 

Most dispensaries will continue to sell medical marijuana, and although they hope to be able to sell both, there is no guarantee that they will be able to sell adult-use marijuana. In fact, nobody is certain if the application they submit to sell adult-use marijuana will be accepted. 

Some sources have expressed plans for dispensaries to open up different clubs that will only sell adult-use marijuana, so medical marijuana patients can still get their meds from medical marijuana dispensaries without having to wait in longer lines.  

However, some dispensaries may not be able to open two locations. Instead, sources have indicated that dispensaries may implement separate lines for adult-use and medical marijuana or other types of programs designed to cater to medical marijuana patients.  

Unfortunately, dispensary sources are unable to confirm their plans because it all depends on the acceptance of their applications to sell adult-use marijuana.  

If you don’t want to wait for adult-use marijuana to hit the market, you can always get your medical marijuana recommendation online today. Visit www.zenmd.net or download the ZenMD application on your smartphone, and you can get consult with a physician today.

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The Future of Marijuana Delivery

The Future of Marijuana Delivery

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