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Fundamental physics has it that heat makes molecules substantially more active. So does heating marijuana edibles make them more potent? 

How to make extremely stronger edibles is every marijuana enthusiast’s concern. Edibles are foods infused with marijuana. They make it easy and discreet to get one’s cannabis fix and without endangering the respiratory system. 

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Different people have different marijuana dosage needs. It’s usually determined by a person’s physical and chemical body characteristics. Depending on the strength of marijuana used in cooking, edibles can be stronger or weak. 

While there have been media reports of marijuana enthusiasts overdosing on edibles prompting unreasonable and irrational dosing limits on store edibles, there are some people who say they don’t feel a thing from edibles.

They say the low dose restrictions are making them stay away from commercial edibles, and even back at home, they still don’t know how to make their edibles as strong as they’d like, making them ask whether heating the edibles will make them feel a thing.

Heating Your Edibles Doesn’t Guarantee Potency, Only Faster Effects

Warming your edibles is definitely going to make marijuana molecules in it more active, so they take effect faster, but that doesn’t guarantee stronger effects. Also, the high might not last as long as in the case of a cold edible. 

Additionally, not all edibles can withstand being heated up. High protein marijuana edibles, potato, rice, and even veggies cooked with marijuana lose quality and potency when they get reheated.

Another point is that the marijuana used to prepare the edible has already undergone decarboxylation, making its cannabinoids available. Heating surely isn’t going to change the number of cannabinoids in the food.

That said, there are ways to fix weak edibles; these apply pre-cooking or when preparing your marijuana snack recipe. 


Marijuana Strains

Marijuana Strains For Edibles


How to Make Extremely Strong Edibles

If you are having trouble with the strength of the marijuana in your edibles, here are tips to fix weaker marijuana edibles:

Most online sources offer guidance on how to make edibles for beginners following various recipes using decarbed weed, but they won’t tell you how to properly decarbed your weed. How you decarb your weed matters; depending on the plants’ moisture and the cannabinoid, decarb time varies. 

Moisture-ridden marijuana plants need more time to dry before decarbing. Decarbing THC-A works well at 240 Fahrenheit; heat it for about an hour. Decarbing CBD-A requires heating at 250 Fahrenheit for about an hour, too.

You will need to supply stable heat. If your gadget doesn’t supply steady heat, consider upgrading to an Ardent Decarboxylator, so you convert 100 percent cannabinoids every time. 

Use Ultra-Strong Cannabutter

The most straightforward and exact way to cook with marijuana is to use oils or tinctures or milk or butter infused with marijuana. Using ultra-strong infusions can make your edibles more potent. Cannabutter is easy to prepare at home. You can find directions on how to make cannabutter on the internet.  However, most people bungle procedures resulting in poor quality cannabutter. 

Fix Weak Cannabutter

You can easily prepare strong infusions at home by melting one stick of butter in a pan and adding an ounce of grounded cannabis flowers. Most experts say ½ an ounce of decarbed weed in a stick of butter is good, but you can try doubling this amount if you are cooking at home. If the resulting cannabutter is too strong, use a little bit to achieve the desired dosage.

Next, add some water to the mixture and cook, adding water in the pan periodically. Water acts as a buffer, absorbing heat to keep your butter from burning. Steady burning slow cookers are the best. 

You want to activate marijuana compounds, not burn them. Most people make the mistake of heating to high resulting in burnt canna-oil or butter. Because Delta-9 THC boils at 315 Fahrenheit, keep the temperature below this mark to avoid losing potency.

You must stir up the mixture as it cooks. When the mixture is cooked, sieve out the marijuana flowers and store the infusion in a refrigerator. 

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Avoid Finely Ground Weed

It is tempting to put the marijuana buds in a coffee grinder or food processor and grind them into small, fine granules. However, what that results in is dark green cannabutter with a grassy flavor. Get a coarse grinder and pulverize your marijuana buds to the coarse consistency of salt instead.

Use More Infused Butter or Oil than Uninfused Kind

If you follow a recipe that can take a little more infusion, don’t be afraid of filling. It can help get the desired potency. If your recipe involves using both infused and uninfused oil or butter, you should consider skipping the uninfused and use many the infused to fill up the difference and make you’re edible stronger.

Use Potent Marijuana Strain

Another tip on how to make cannabutter stronger and improve your edibles’ flavor is to use more potent cannabis strains. However, there are many cannabis strains; not all have the same THC or CBD profile. For high CBD, cannabis Indica is your friend; for high TCH, Sativa won’t disappoint. Hybrid marijuana has varying CBD and THC levels. 

Some of the top marijuana strains are Hindu Kush, White Widow, OG Kush, Royal Cookies, and Sherbet Queen. The stronger the marijuana, the more you will feel it in your edibles. However, keep in mind that expensiveness doesn’t guarantee strength. 

Most cannabis enthusiasts say you should go with the smell because most high-quality strains have full fragrance. However, while cooking with full fragrance, marijuana is not a problem, it is unnecessary, plus you don’t have to pay more just because of fragrance!


Marijuana Edibles

Cannabis Edibles


Layer Medicated Ingredients

So you are preparing an edible using a lot of ingredients? You can layer medicated ingredients for a stronger edible. The butter or oil doesn’t have to be the only canna-infused ingredient. If you are going to use sugar, milk, honey, etc., in preparing the edible, infuse them with cannabis too. 

Try this technique, especially if you feel the cannabutter is not potent enough for you. Layering medicated ingredients increases the potency of the final product. You can find tips online on how to infuse marijuana in honey, cream, milk, and other snack ingredients. 

Bonus Tip!

Is cannabutter not potent enough for you? Consider augmenting edibles with marijuana concentrates. Concentrates are processed marijuana plants such that impurities and excess plant materials are eliminated, leaving only desirable terpenes and cannabinoids. They are known for their high bioavailability, so feel free to stir some concentrates such as shatter, budder, or crumble in the edibles for a stronger flavor. 

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Wrapping Up

Edibles are foods prepared with cannabis oil or tincture. They can also be prepared using butter or milk infused with cannabis. Depending on the strain of cannabis, how it was decarbed, and the amount of cannabutter used, edibles can have different strengths. 

You can also layer medicated ingredients to increase the possibility of producing stronger edibles. Edibles are a fantastic way of taking cannabis without endangering one’s respiratory system. Plus, with the right recipe, they can turn out tasty!

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