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Despite the awareness revolving around the benefits of medical marijuana, the stigma in society is still palpable. That prompts users to find more society-acceptable ways to take their weed. A standard method of taking marijuana is smoking, making edibles a close second.

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However, a warm cup of marijuana tea could help you deal with the hard days or the pain from medical conditions. And if you think that the process is long and tiresome, you will be glad about the new marijuana tea recipe we have for you. 

Marijuana Tea As an Alternative for Smoking

While you might have enjoyed vaping pot, wait till you have a warm cup of the THC distillate tea and experience pot on another level.

Whether you put your marijuana seeds in tea for recreational or medicinal reasons, enjoying the drink will bring a soothing and relaxing feeling.

With a medical marijuana card from your state government, you get permission to shop for different strains of weed to use in your tea. And while some prefer getting the THC detox tea at Walmart, you can buy some at your local marijuana tea dispensary.

A valid MMJ card from the state government also allows you to enjoy the THC tea delivery services.

But, How Do You Use Marijuana to Make Tea?

There are many ways to use marijuana. While some choose to smoke or bake their weed, others opt for a warm cup of marijuana chia tea.

You can add many ingredients to your tea to improve on flavors and smells. However, the marijuana used in tea can be made into various forms, i.e., cannabis butter, infused honey, or tincture. Still, if you don’t have those ingredients, then all you need is a gram of ground cannabis flower and about 20 minutes to spare.



Cannabis Edibles


Can Marijuana Tea Be Addictive?

From the vibe you are getting, you might think that the side effects of marijuana tea are negligible. And while this might be true at the moment, you are most likely going to develop dependence after continued use. So, yes, marijuana tea can be addictive. 

When taken in high concentration, your body suppresses the production of natural endocannabinoids, which means you will need to get a ‘refill’ for your body from taking more tea, smoking, or eating pot edibles.

Now, How Do You Make Marijuana Tea?

The recipe is simple, as all you need to do is add the ingredients to your tea’s desired choice. Unfortunately, you can’t drop some weed in a tea bag and start using it. (CO2 this will give a wacky taste of weed, which is undesirable)

You can also only benefit from the active forms of CBD and THD, both activated by a specific heat. Before using, the cannabis needs to decarboxylase to bring the best effect. 

Below is a quick guide of the decarboxylation process:

Process of Decarboxylation

What is decarboxylation?

Cannabis is a non-intoxicating plant that produces mild psychoactive effects in its raw form. This is because the cannabinoid THCA is in its inactive state in the natural cannabis plant. Therefore, to experience its psychoactive properties, you should transform it into THC. The process of accomplishing that conversion is called decarboxylation.

The decarboxylation process takes place under the effect of heat at a specific temperature. As it comes with its advantages, it also has its disadvantages when wrongly done. Thus, it is highly recommended that you choose your decarboxylation procedure carefully.

Below is a careful craft to enable you to decarboxylase your cannabis at home:

  1. Preheat the oven to 240 degrees F until the light goes on.
  2. Dismantle your cannabis flowers into smaller chunks, but do not. 
  3. Put the weed on a baking paper into a one layer display, with no overlapping.
  4. Bake the weed at 240°F for 25 – 30 mins until the flowers turn light brown. Avoid opening the oven door since such action may interrupt the process.
  5. After the 25-30 mins lapse, check on your weed if it is light to medium brown and very dry. If so, take the marijuana flowers from the oven and let them cool for a while.
  6. Once your weed is sufficiently cool, you can put it in a food processor for grinding. Grind it into a fine powder. 

Otherwise, if the process seems overwhelming, one can order ready pot from your local marijuana tea dispensary. This way, you get the best THC tea companies to have to offer.

Now that the decarboxylation process is over imagine the unique feeling of warm tea that sets your moods and helps you relax. If you can’t wait to sip this cup of goodness, then let’s start making some tea!

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How To Make Marijuana Tea

Like you can enjoy some lemon tea with a hint of mint or green tea and hibiscus or strawberry tea, marijuana tea is no different. You can try different There are many combinations you can try, which include:

  • Marijuana tea with chamomile and rose
  • Cannabis tea with infused coconut oil

Making marijuana tea is a relatively simple process that requires the most fundamental ingredients. 

Tools required:

  • A mug
  • A tea bag
  • A boiling  kettle
  • A stirring spoon

—Serves 1

—Preparation time -5 minutes

—Steep time- A max of 10 minutes

Ingredients to be used

  • A teabag
  • One teaspoon of cannabutter
  • One cup of boiling water
  • Milk( optional)
  • Sugar


Marijuana Tea

Usage of Marijuana


Marijuana tea, how do you make it?

The cannabis-infused butter

After the decarboxylation process:

  • Mix the three ingredients in a pot and heat as usual
  • Simmer for two to three hours for maximum effect
  • Stir continuously to prevent it  from burning
  • When done, allow it to cool down.
  • Then, strain the blend into a container before refrigerating it overnight, thereby allowing the butter to withdraw from the water.
  • Once the cannabutter floats and solidifies, take it carefully and store it in another container.

The Marijuana Tea

  • The tea is brewed like any other regular tea.
  • Put a teabag and one teaspoon of cannabutter in a mug.
  • Pour one cup of boiling water into the mug.

NOTE: The tea should not be consumed if the cannabutter has not fully dissolved. The marijuana tea can be prepared with milk or sugar if desired. Then serve when hot.

Excessive ingestion of cannabis may have adverse effects, and weed tea is no different. So, as you take that cup of tea, follow precautions on the dosage.

Marijuana Teacup As a Medical Cure

  • Chronic pain reliever-One a significant reason why many people take marijuana tea is handling chronic pain. This enables it to be a prescription for many chronic patients. For patients in chronic pain, such as lung pain, then marijuana tea for lung pain is more effective. Also, marijuana tea for bronchitis prevents patients from experiencing deteriorating symptoms.
  • It lowers anxiety– Marijuana tea soothes your nerves, which keeps you calm and lessens anxiety symptoms.
  • It lowers nausea– A significant side effect of medication and treatment of diseases, including chemotherapy, is nausea. Cannabis is known to help patients struggling with such eating disorders and discomfort. 
  • Helps in autoimmune disease treatment

With an MMJ Card, you can visit a marijuana tea dispensary or better known as tea joints, for a warm cup of tea or coffee. And in some cases, you can buy the marijuana tea at McDonald’s.

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The Bottom Line

If there is a slight chance that using marijuana could help cure some of your symptoms, you should find the best way to use it. And since smoking affects your lungs, you can have a teacup instead.

After successful carboxylation, you can enjoy your marijuana tea in a few minutes and with very little work going into it. However, remember that weed is addictive and used according to the dosage given.

To access marijuana, whether for medical or recreational use, you need to show some form of documentation. And for patients seeking solace in marijuana tea, then MMJ Doctor will help you get a medical marijuana card in the fastest and most convenient approach.

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    You can actually take a small piece of bud and put in a cup of water and microwave like any other tea! I am a 2 toker, so I use same size, if a full joint person use larger piece if flower. I have even re-used the bud 2 or 3 times like a teabag and has properties needed. Enjoy!


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