Psychedelic therapy involves the use of psychedelic substances to help mental health patients recuperate in a patient-friendly environment. The use of psychedelic substances that aid in the therapeutic process of mental disorders is not legalized in all nations. Therefore, this calls for adequate research to determine the areas psychedelics use is legally accepted.

In the United States, numerous psychedelics had been administered to mental health patients until they were illegalized in the 1960s. However, over time, researchers have obtained approval from the government to determine the effectiveness of these substances in curing mental disorders.

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The research proved that indeed psychedelic substances are effective. Resultantly, many psychedelic therapy centers have sprung up in the United States to help people tackling mental health problems recover with no adverse side effects. 

As psychedelics effectively enhance the healing process, uncontrolled usage may expose you to serious health repercussions, including death. Therefore, ensuring that you are in a safe and reputable psychedelic therapy center is one of the top priorities to consider before rolling out the usage of psychedelic substances.

Finding a great center that will enable your healing process (or that of your loved one) might be overwhelming, especially when it’s your first time as a psychedelic user. How to find psychedelics in your area is a significant question that new users grapple with. One way of finding one is by typing in your browser, ‘Psychedelic therapy centers near me’ and wait for the search results to tabulate. Then pick psychedelic therapy centers near me.

Do you need help on how to find psychedelics in your area? We have prepared a list of the top 10 psychedelic therapeutic centers based in the United States. Health experts have approved these centers as psychedelic therapy centers.

1. The Silo Wellness Inc.

The Silo Wellness Company deals in psychedelic substances like Ketamine, psilocybin (mushroom), and other psychedelic substances to help you heal. The Silo Wellness Inc. uses also uses psychedelic medical retreats, which is a novel healing feature. Recently, some have been held in the McKenzie River (Oregon), in California, Florida, and Colorado.

These retreats are as much as possible set up in natural environments in the medical belief that the interactions with natural environments positively benefit human interactions. All of Silo Wellness’ psychedelics therapies are administered by licensed medical practitioners who monitor their patients’ progress.

2. Will Siu

Will Siu is a health expert with many years of experience in psychotherapy based in California. He uses a personalized approach in treating his clients. Will Siu focuses on assisting patients with drug addiction and mental health challenges such as anxiety and depression, among others.

He has comfortable and safe facilities to host patients who need accommodation. His goal is to ensure patients experience personal growth through spiritual and body healing by incorporating ayahuasca, Ketamine, psilocybin, among others. He also uses meditation to assist patients in fast recovery.



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3. Ember Health

Ember Health is a New York-based center that addresses depression-related problems through an integrated approach. The center also collaborates with other healthcare experts to provide a safe environment to treat mental health disorders. Ember Health has state-of-the-art facilities and administers Ketamine based treatment options to its patients. 

A patient referred by other healthcare providers to Ember is enrolled on a two-week ketamine infusion program that lasts about four hours in each session. Patients whose depression condition does not go away get booster infusions administered for about a fortnight to six weeks. Ember Health has experienced professionals who provide emergency services if the need arises.

4. The Minnesota Institute for Integrative Therapies (IIT).

If you are based in Minnesota, IIT gives you an integrated approach to psychedelics and psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy. The IIT approach offers you a different perspective on psychedelic therapy definition. In delivering their integrated approach (that encompasses the use of legal hallucinogens and talk therapies), the IIT goes with a mantra imploring you to use psychedelics to look inwardly to be awake and escape the dreams that come when you look outwardly.

The IIT integrates science, medicine, art, and purpose-driven therapy to help you maximize your benefits when using the integrated approach. The IIT uses a unique mix, customized to suit your circumstances but generally uses the following techniques:

  • Acceptance and commitment therapy
  • Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) therapy
  • Existential therapy
  • Psychodynamic
  • Jungian psychotherapy

These are premised on foundations of creativity and collaboration with you to discern your perfect psychedelic integration mix.

5. Wholeness Center

Wholeness Center is a legal health institution that provides a holistic approach to healing a mental health disorder patient’s mind, body, and spirit. Wholeness Center is based in Colorado and utilizes a personalized approach to meeting the expectations of the patient. The center has state-of-the-art medical technology that guarantees safety and comfort. 

The treatment option involves the administration of Ketamine medicine through either intramuscular injections or oral lozenge. Wholeness Center health team makes an initial patient assessment and administers treatment. If the condition does not improve, the medical team convenes to make a detailed plan for advanced treatment. The center’s integrative approach ensures that patients connect with health experts and share their experiences.

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6. The Hopkins Center for Psychedelic Therapy

This is one of the psilocybin treatment centers approved and certified by the authorities. The new Hopkins Center for Psychedelic Therapy is an established psychedelic therapy center based in several states in America. 

The center hosts patients suffering from mental health conditions and drug addiction. The new Hopkins Center for Psychedelic Therapy utilizes a patient-centered approach in administering plant medicine to enable the patients to recover from mental health and drug addiction.  

The treatment option involves the administration of psilocybin medicine in comfortable and safe facilities. The center has a team of dedicated therapists with tons of experience in psilocybin research. Patients benefit from the personalized treatment options and comfortable living apartments.

7. Craig Salerno Counseling

Craig Salerno is a certified and licensed professional who assists clients with mental health problems to undergo a natural healing process through ketamine-administered therapies. Craig Salerno also offers solutions to drug addiction through his patient-centered approach. 

He utilizes an evidence-based approach to solving patients’ problems through initiatives such as cognitive-behavioral theory and dialectical behavioral therapy. Craig also focuses on meditation in the treatment of patients. His attention to detail and many years of experience in ketamine treatment distinguishes him as one of the best in psychedelic therapy.



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8. Marcela O’talora G

Marcela is a certified professional in the medical field committed to helping patients with mental health issues such as anxiety and depression. She is also a reputable trainer who teaches the best psychedelic practices to other medical professionals and therapists.

Marcela is skilled in ketamine therapy administration, where she offers a six-month session program. Marcela focuses on patient-friendly psychotherapy exercises and also helps her clients through phone-based consultations.

9. The New York Field Trip Health 

This psychedelic treatment facility shares similarities with the Silo Wellness Inc. That is, it also has psychedelic treatment field trips. The field trip organization uses psychedelic medicines to treat many ailments and integrates other approaches like psychotherapy to make your psychedelic experience have a beneficial and life-changing impact.

10. California Center for Psychedelic Therapy

California Center for Psychedelic Therapy is a mental health psychotherapy clinic that helps patients overcome their challenges through a holistic program addressing the root cause. The center has a team of experienced professionals who evaluate a patient’s condition and craft a program that suits their needs.

The center is based in Southern California and focuses on psychotherapy that helps to improve the health of the patient. It is one of the psychedelic centers near me that offer cost-effective solutions for mental health issues.

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MMJ Doctor is a certified medical institution that has many years of experience providing patient-friendly solutions to clients. We have a team of health experts and researchers who dedicate their lives to offer high-quality services that meet our patients’ expectations.

We provide solutions with research-based initiatives to help in the recovery of our patients. For instance, it is worth noting that pharmaceutical drugs have side effects. Thankfully, these are absent in psychedelics and non-existent in nature, and cannabis-based treatment options are used in our facilities.

The cannabis by MMJ Doctor is prescribed for medical use only, and potential patients are required to book appointments in advance. Depending on the prevailing medical condition, the MMJ Doctor is qualified to offer professional advice on the benefits of using medical marijuana in the psychedelic mix to treat chronic pain and other diseases. 

Do you need psychedelic therapy that is offered in state-of-the-art medical facilities? We are here to help you. With our extensive expertise in medical marijuana, we will deal with all mental disorder cases.

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