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At any typical instance, when you hear marijuana, what comes in your mind is its pharmaceutical and industrial benefits. Today, however, we have shifted our focus not on its usefulness and usage but its existence as a plant. Like an ordinary living thing, marijuana faces lots of ill-health conditions, leading to their death. All these are, however, possible despite its significant abilities to detoxify soils. 

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How to Diagnose Plant Problems?

Marijuana may not as easy as most of us might want to believe. On many occasions, you will have one symptom indicating multiple marijuana diseases. Some of these you can diagnose using plant diagnosis chart or leaf diagnosis chart as some refer. The surest way, however, to make reliable conclusions is when you conduct a lab test

Cannabis Diseases: Early Diagnosis, Why Is It Important?

First, you must understand that the causes of marijuana diseases can either be abiotic or organisms. Abiotic, also known as non-living, include causers like nutrient deficiencies, genetic disorders, and pollutants. 

The organisms are all the living organisms that possibly cause plant diseases. These include bacteria, fungi (first and foremost), parasitic plants, nematodes, and viruses.

As specified by most professionals, infection symptoms in marijuana are widespread. A wilting plant whose leaves are turning yellow might be mistaken to have water deficiency. However, the real culprit could be nutrient burn, or unbalanced pH, or any of the many marijuana diseases

Besides bacteria, fungi, viruses, animals, and insects, some pests may cause infections of a similar kind. The best solution, therefore, relies on lab tests. Other options may be the use of a plant diagnosis chart and a leaf diagnosis chart.

Dichotomous Key of Diseases and Pests gives chronological diagnostic procedure over 90 diagnoses of marijuana diseases – this one quickest way to diagnose plant problems.  Otherwise, you might consider contacting the Sunburst Plant Disease Clinic in America or Anandia in Canada, one of the most reliable test labs for plant diseases. 


medical marijuana diseases

Preventive Measures to Control Fungal Infections


Note that early diagnosis remains vital as far as the survival or productivity of your marijuana is concerned.

Let’s now look at the three most typical marijuana diseases, their causes, symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment. 

1. White Powdery Mildew

The fungi responsible for causing the infection here would make you forget about the fungi at the restaurants or the “mycorrhizae” for underground root networking. We are talking about a destructive new pathogen, Golovinomyces, which causes White Powdery elements on the marijuana leaves, buds, and even flowers. It revolves around the replication and destruction of these plants to the point of their death.

Being a ‘mafia’ of their kind, the Powdery Mildew (PM) quickly spreads from one plant to another. From experts, the PM exists in multiple species amounting to 88 known types. Having any of these species on your farm should cause you an alarm; otherwise, they might render all your marijuana plants useless.

How Does Powdery Mildew Spread?

Many experts believe that the spread is usually through leaves surfaces and sometimes via the plant’s vascular system. So far, no experiment has confirmed any of these, yet scientists explain that it could be a possible way to spread the spread. 


PM infestation hinders plant nutrient intake. Today there are also discussions on the effect of consuming marijuana that had earlier been infected. 

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Prevention acts as the surest method towards tackling PM infestation. Research indicates that cool and humid environments offer a better setting for PM’s manifestation.

The recommendations therefore are;

  • Maintaining quality sanitization within the farm
  • Giving more expansive space between the plants to allow unrestricted airflow
  • Spraying buds before harvest powdery mildew

Nonetheless, it is also essential to keep your eyes on the plants as sometimes these measures may be inevitable. Always, therefore, watch out for any blistering, grey powders, or strange odors that often accompany this infestation. 

When none of these measures fail, go in for the various organic treatments available for PM. Through its user guide, you will learn how to remove powdery mildew from buds and more in this relation.

2. Leaf Septoria

Another most typical of the marijuana diseases is the leaf Septoria. Other texts refer to it as yellow leaf spot or septoria leaf spot. It is one infectious plant disease that majorly affects the foliage, its development, and the plant’s overall yield. Behind these plants, setbacks are usually the Septoria lycopersici, a typical species within the fungi family. 


How would you know whether it is leaf Septoria disease affecting your plant? Most likely, you may not necessarily need lab test results for this but your eyes. The key symptoms here are the brown and yellow spots forming on both sides of the leaves.

Often, these spots feature dark-brown margins, sometimes grey or tannish at the center. Their dimensions vary between diameters of 1.5 and 6.5 mm.


medical marijuana diseases

Marijuana Plant Diseases


Treatment and prevention

Septoria lycopersici thrives well under cool and humid conditions. It, therefore, means that for an overcrowded farm, chances of fast spread are often very high. Therefore, as part of preventative measures, quality aeration within the farm is usually quite significant in eliminating any such conditions. 

The following are more ways towards the prevention and treatment of leaf Septoria.

  • Remove the infected foliage.
  • Mulch
  • Remove weeds
  • Spray fungicides and apply natural oils

3. Gray Mold (Bud Rot)

Like many other fungal hemp diseases, Gray Mold turns out to be as dangerous as the rest. While it can attack every part of a plant, gray mold primarily affects the buds at their flowering stages. 

Bud Rot, as other texts refer to them, is pretty seeable by the naked eyes. Often you look closely at the buds; you will notice them on an infested plant. Their destruction capacity ranges only in a matter of days to destroy the entire plant. 


You will know about gray mold disease when you spot the gray molds on the buds. Leaves and stems becoming brown and soft.

Treatment and Prevention  

The best way to manage fungi infection in the marijuana plant is often by prevention. Like the rest of the marijuana disease-causing fungi, embracing quality airflow within the farm is always highly recommended. You can do this by creating enough spacing between your plants to allow free air circulation. 

NOTE: Fungi infection spreads faster where the conditions are excellent and dumpy. 

For the infected plants, the best ways to deal with them include;

  • Removal of the infected plants
  • Spraying
  • Mulching

In case of any doubt on the above procedures still, you can contact specialists for more professional assistance. Send them to plant problems pictures if need be for virtual service. 

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Apart from these three, numerous other diseases and pests are affecting the health state of marijuana plants. However, as from the information above, prevention and early detection remain key. Note that some of these diseases can wipe out an entire farm within a matter of a day, and hence vigilance of the highest definition is of great significance.

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