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If you are a marijuana consumer, you might have experienced a sudden desire of munching. This is because Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) present in weed causes an increase in appetite or craving for sweet and fatty foods.

It is a game of hormones. Our hunger hormone is stimulated by THC while consuming marijuana, which increases the urge to eat more food and elevates the cravings. Researches have shown marijuana to increase the caloric intake by as much as 40 percent. Marijuana sends the signals to your brain to generate the sensations of hunger, eventually elevating the desire to feed.

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After smoking weed, you will want to satisfy the appetite stimulated by the THC compound. For a perfect snack to alleviate appetite stimulated by munchies, people’s choices range from fruit to fried food.

Probably, the most preferred munchies differ depending on the individual’s taste, mood and consumption.

In order to see what are the most liked munchies, we asked some of the most influential marijuana consumers to mention their top 3 munchies, and here is what we got!

Note: All these influential marijuana consumers are randomly picked; there is no specific order of superiority.

Weed Tweets and Stoner Thoughts

The Twitter handle is famous for discussing issues concerning marijuana. It is among the top cannabis enthusiasts page for people who love to smoke weed. Additionally, they have a weed inspired clothing line known as “Stillhighhh.” Also, they have a bunch of funky and artsy wears associated with cannabis.

Their Top 3 Munchies Include:

  • Brownies
  • A classic, gummies, now they come packed full of THC.
  • The last would be chips just because who can resist the temptation of that savory crisp when you are stoned.

Carver Johns

Carver Johns is the owner of the marijuana website, mrstinkysgreengarden, which discusses trending news about cannabis, recipes, reviews, entertainment, art, health, and other issues concerning marijuana products. Johns refers to himself as a simple gardener, but he is a very influential marijuana consumer.

Johns Top Three Munchies

  • Pizza
  • Cheese-steaks
  • Hoagies
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Only a Stoner

Only a stoner is a Twitter user and an active marijuana enthusiast.  She believes that ‘bong hits’ will never stop until people improve their morale. She is also an author of the stoner activity book for adults currently selling at Amazon.

 Only a Stoner’s Top Three Munchies

  • Pizza
  • Pizza
  • Pizza 

Koala Puffs

Koala Puffs, whose real name is Anjela, is a resident of California but originates from Ukraine. The marijuana enthusiast and gamer sells clothes, pins, and accessories online. In March 2020, Puffs released her first single, ‘’Smoking By Myself’’.

Puffs Top Three Munchies

  • Crapes
  • Uncrustible’s
  • Coffee ice cream

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Marc Emery

Marc Scott Emery is the Prince of Pot and former owner of Cannabis Culture Marijuana shop located at 461 Church St. The Canadian cannabis activist, entrepreneur, and politician has been a notable advocate of international cannabis reform.

Emery’s top three munchies

  • Lays Salt and vinegar potato chips
  • Soft black licorice
  • Pepperoni, green pepper, and mushroom pizza 


Next up, we have the charming medical marijuana enthusiast, Mary. She is a proud Latina who uses cannabis products regularly. Mary is a high-tolerance medical marijuana user who has to consume three times the recommended dosage to be effective. She is also seeking the nationwide legalization of marijuana. Mary is a charismatic woman who thrives in an environment with good vibes, peace, and love.

Mary’s Top Munchies

  • “My fav is consuming ice cream right from the container.”
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Dave Rheins (CEO MJBA)

Dave Rheins is currently the Marijuana Business Association (MJBA) CEO. MJBA is established in Seattle, Washington, and publishes the following:

  • MJ News Network, which features MJ News by PR News Wire
  • CBD News by BusinessWire
  • MJ Headline News and MJ Business Week e-newsletters
  • Marijuana Channel One

Rheins’s Top Three Munchies

  • Dough Zone Redmond — Chicken Chili Dumplings and Scallion Pancakes
  • In N Out Burger — Double-Double with Fries and a Vanilla Shake
  • Anything from DERU in Kirkland. 


David is from the UK and he describes himself as someone who is a little crazy but a little beautiful crazy. He is also a marijuana enthusiast and he has an undying love for it as evident by his daily smoking routine. He owns which is an idea that is worth a read and these ideas are for the future.

David’s Top Three Munchies

  • Custard doughnut
  • Chips or smoked salmon
  • Cream cheese on toast

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Lara Parker

Lara Parker is the deputy director for, Lara Parker.  She is the author of Vagina Problems, a book she wrote relating to the terrifying things she experienced at 15 years. Parker is also a marijuana enthusiast and is not shy to list her top three marijuana munchies.

Parker’s Top Three Munchies

  • “Watermelon- (there is nothing that helps dry mouth like fresh watermelon. nothing!!!)”
  • “Bobo Bars- (i have a lot of dietary restrictions and these are vegan and gluten-free but still taste delicious and don’t require me moving off the couch!)”
  • “Siete foods cashew nacho cheese dip with tortilla chips. so salty. so good. and vegan.”

Heather Gay

Heather Gay is a famous marijuana enthusiast who made a debut on the reality show Real Housewives of Salt Lake City. She is also a mother of three amazing daughters and a renowned entrepreneur. Heather owns several businesses, such as the med spa business, beauty lab, and laser. Currently, the charismatic woman has embarked on a new chapter in her life where she seeks to achieve self-discovery.

 Heather’s Top Three Munchies

  • Burnt toffee peanuts
  • Any ice cream flavor with rainbow sprinkles
  • Fruity pebbles cereal 

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Chef 420 is a professional chef with over 30 years of experience; he makes the best marijuana brownies that the average pot enthusiast cannot hack. He is famous for making the best edibles with the right proportion of cannabis.

 Chef420’s Top Three Munchies

  • Brownies
  • My Ginger bud snaps
  • Gummies


CanniLive is currently helping himself, and others recover from addiction, PTSD, and other diseases. In the recovery process, he advocates the use of cannabis, yoga, and plant-based foods. The marijuana enthusiast is at the forefront of pushing for the legalization of marijuana and opposing the abuse of opioids.

 CanniLive’s Top Three Munchies

  • Peanut butter with mixed berries
  • Push pops
  • A good piece of dark chocolate

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Highdee is a resident of Los Angeles. She is an influential marijuana consumer who loves her family and cat. Highdee is a cancer survivor who is currently using medical marijuana to manage cancer-related problems. She is very vocal about her view towards marijuana, and she is not shy to share about her cancer journey. Highdee is at the forefront of pushing the government for nationwide legalization of marijuana for medical purposes.

Her push towards the legalization of medical marijuana is understandable since it has helped her. She advocates for patients in the same situation to use marijuana products.

 Highdee’s Top Three Munchies

  • My favorite, favorite treat is a homemade chocolate ice cream milkshake.
  • Second would be almonds.
  • You should always *try* to eat in balance. Just try a wee bit. You could always make a banana split with almonds to join the two into one magical treat… Mmmm, sounds delicious.

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THC not only stimulates your hunger but also elevates your sensitivity to both taste and smell. Don’t be ashamed to wake up with greasy hands and coated mouth. Feeling the urge of munchies is because when you consume marijuana, THC triggers your hormones and a sudden desire of snacking hits you. Grab the best munchies recommendations by the experts above and satisfy your appetite.

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