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Medical Marijuana is the use of the whole, unprocessed marijuana plant to relieve symptoms of illness. According to scientific studies, chemicals in Marijuana, also known as cannabinoids, have led the FDA to approve three medications that contain cannabinoids in pill form: Epidiolex, Cesamet, and Marinol. The most common application of Medical Marijuana in the U.S. is pain control. Medical Marijuana is effective in relieving chronic pain, especially among the elderly.

It is far less addictive and impossible to overdose on, making it safer than opiates. Marijuana is reported to ease nerve pain and the pain associated with multiple sclerosis. For interesting information on Medical Marijuana, here is a list of Authoritative best weed youtube channels on Cannabis. There is no rank or position awarded for these weed youtube channels; the experts are all equal and offer some interesting insights into Marijuana.

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Custom Grow 420

Custom Grow 420 is a channel administered by Joel Hradecky. Hradecky is also called “Jolie Olie,” or the “King of Dabs.” This is a great YouTube channel for all the people who cherish medical Cannabis. His charisma and fondness towards hash oil, lighters, pipes, bongs, grinders, and Cannabis are infectious…Read more

If you only knew one way of using Marijuana, then Hradecky will open you up to a world of possibilities. He demonstrates several ways to get high on weed. This guy will make you crave smoking weed and feeling good even when you have just finished your last joint. Hradecky smokes Cannabis as a hobby, and he enjoys it too. This is a must-watch channel for anyone who loves Marijuana.

10 WAYS TO GET HIGH WITH WEED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Dope As Yola

Dope as Yola gained popularity for his vlogging regarding all-things Marijuana. Many people love and adore this name. The marijuana videos will keep you glued to your screen due to the screen. Dope, as Yola, intrigues his audience with his contagious laughter. You will also enjoy his great sense of humor. This is regarded as one of the most famous Marijuana-related YouTube channels….Read more

Dope As Yola has liaised with numerous Cannabis brands. Many business owners sign up Dope As Yola for their marketing campaigns. He will paint a good picture of your product with funny and entertaining stories and illustrations. Dope As Yola also owns a brand by the name “Push Tree.” This brand sells apparel and Push tree papers. If you are looking for the best marijuana products in the street and do not look past the Dope As Yola YouTube channel. There is something for every marijuana fan, so just connect to this channel.


Growing Your Green

Growing Your Greens is a great gardening YouTube channel. If you wonder how you can grow food in your small kitchen garden, this is one show you should check out. Mr. John Kohler is the producer of this channel. He shares new tips and tricks on growing food. His ideas are based on his life experiences of growing food at his homestead. This show goes beyond growing food but also shows you how you can grow Cannabis….Read more

Mr. John Kohler has a digital store with various types of seeds.  You can order these seeds online and begin growing your greens at home. This means no more shopping for greens or even Marijuana. John is committed to helping you grow high-quality herbs, nuts, fruits, and vegetables. There is no experience required to start organic gardening, all you need is some space and supplies, and follow the guidelines of the Growing Your Green vlogger.

How to Grow More KangKong than You Can Eat in Soil | Water Spinach

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Erick Khan

Erick Khan is a famous personality on YouTube. The content creator has some interesting videos regarding Medical Marijuana. Eric also has informative videos on the various strains and concentrates of Marijuana. This is very helpful, especially if you do not want to be limited to one strain….Read more

Knowing the differences between strains will help you choose the type that is best suited for you. You will find Eric’s videos exciting and entertaining at the same time because they shed light on most of the frequently asked questions regarding different types of marijuana strains.

Most importantly, Eric takes the time to review the different price ranges and categories of Marijuana. If you are wondering about the concentrate that will best suit you or explore a different strain of Marijuana, you should tune in to Eric’s YouTube channel. There is something for every marijuana smoker, and you will leave this page with a wealth of information.




The MRTHC is a YouTube channel run by Mr. Luis Alberto Talamantes. This channel offers valuable information on Medical Marijuana. These videos feature his daily life experiences with Marijuana. Talamantes also reviews different strains of Marijuana products and shares his experiences with these products…..Read more

If you are new to using Marijuana, you will find valuable information on this page. Additionally, this is the page you want to view for lessons on how to roll a joint. The MRTHC also features information on different ways of consuming Marijuana. You get to understand the differences between smoking and vaping.

Smoking involves inhaling smoke while vaping is inhaling heated oil through a vaporizing device. Many people prefer vaping over smoking because the latter may have adverse effects on one’s lungs. MRTHC is your go-to channel to learn about the different ways of consuming Marijuana, the different strains of Marijuana, and some of the most popular marijuana products.


Cali Green

Have you ever dreamed of growing your Legal Marijuana at the comfort of your home? The Cali Green channel will help you do exactly that. Cali Green is an excellent choice for people who want to start growing Marijuana. The channel offers instructive tutorials that will have you growing Marijuana like a pro in a matter of days. The tutorials will guide you to pick the right seeds and use LED grow lights for indoor and outdoor growth…..Read more

The exciting part about this channel is that it is run by someone who has first-hand experience with Marijuana. The owner of this channel is a medical marijuana patient with six years of experience in growing Marijuana. The owner focuses on the Living Organics style of growing Marijuana. He will also show you the techniques of growing Marijuana with conventional fertilizers. His illustrations are straight-forward, and he is capable of reproducing Marijuana on a large and small scale.

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Leafly may be regarded as one of the world’s most significant cannabis information resource. If you are seeking information on concentrations, strains, and Cannabis products, this is the place to go to. It is also one of the first resources that come to mind when you want to stay updated on the latest rules, regulations, and news in the Cannabis industry…..Read more

Leafly videos feature popular cannabis varieties and demystify the Marijuana basics in its 101 series. You can expect these cool features on Leafly’s website. The platform allows you to review different marijuana strains, edibles, concentrates, and other products. You can filter results depending on your preferences. For example, you can filter results based on effects, type, medical uses, and flavors.

You can also use the site’s location finder to search for cannabis locations in your neighborhood. If you are looking for the latest news or any interesting information on Marijuana, check out the Leafly channel.

Marijuana Strains Explained | Leafly


Green House Seed Co

The Greenhouse Seed Company is regarded as one of the top-ranking firms in the Cannabis industry. This company owes its success to the quality of their seeds. These seeds have received numerous prestigious awards and have gained worldwide recognition…..Read more

The founder and brains behind the Green House Seed Company is Mr. Arian. He ensured that he always had the best quality of Cannabis seeds. Arian started his search for genetics worldwide 25 years ago. He is still searching for different strains of cannabis seeds.

Green House Seed Company offers popular strains, and that comes with recreational and medicinal properties. These strains also have distinctive tastes and aromas. If you are looking for mind-boggling information on Marijuana, the Green House Seed Company will blow your mind with the wealth of information they have to offer. Whether you want Marijuana for recreational use or medicinal purposes, Green House Seed Company is the place to go.

El Niño - Green House Grow Sessions



Remo is the founder of the UrbanRemo YouTube Channel. This channel talks about Medical Marijuana use and how to grow the plant. Remo has been a great help and motivation to thousands of people who have obtained the skills to produce quality marijuana products. You stand to learn all the levels of growth. UrbanRemo has clinched 34 awards, globally…..Read more

Remo is the genius behind Remo Nutrients. He has created eight products that provide a comprehensive system of vitamins, extracts, and minerals that your plants require to achieve their growth potential. Remo’s system uses pharmaceutical grade ingredients to unleash your garden’s growth potential to the greatest degree.

UrbanRemo is a very educative channel on growing Marijuana, and it is recommended for anyone interested in venturing into this field. You will learn about the different levels of growth, and in a short time, you will be able to produce a masterpiece marijuana product.

Orange Cookies Marijuana Monday

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High Rise TV

High Rise TV is an excellent platform for authentic and amazing content. If you are a fan of Cannabis, this community will be fun for you. It is a marketing agency that supports other channels that deal with Marijuana…..Read more

High Rise TV is a platform where you will find different YouTubers sharing their cannabis experiences. It is a great place to learn which products are right and which ones are overrated. It is also a place where you will learn about the different ways of consuming Marijuana. Through the members’ experiences, you will be able to tell which way will work best for you.

The best way to learn about something is through someone else’s experiences. This way, you will be able to identify the pitfalls to avoid and how to improve your experience. High Rise TV is an excellent site for marijuana users. You get to learn a lot about marijuana products and different consumption approaches.

2 Girls, 1 Huge Gravity Bong!!!


Jorge Cervantes

Jorge Cervantes is also called Mr. George Van Pattern. He has received awards as an author, publisher, and horticulturist. Mr. George is experienced in the greenhouse cultivation of medical Marijuana. He has authored several books that display his vast knowledge and distinguish him as one of the veterans in the marijuana industry…..Read more

George has educated many people through his instructional DVDs, photographs, articles, and books. These tutorials provide simple and straight-forward techniques for high-yield backyard, basement, closet, and guerrilla gardens. Many universities have used his book on Marijuana Horticulture and his videos as a guide for students. George currently writes feature articles for High Times Magazine and has been writing Q & A text under the name Jorge’s Rx for over a decade.

If you want to grow medical Marijuana in your backyard, subscribe to Cervantes’ videos. The easy to follow DIY videos will have you growing weed like a pro in no time.

Alpenglow 03 MVI 7277


The WeedTube was established in 2018 by a clique of deleted Youtubers searching for a platform to air their views and experiences. Since it was launched, the WeedTube has turned out to be the home of curated cannabis content. This is a place where creators are guaranteed a safe place where their content is published and are also guaranteed an income. It is also one of the first sites to offer commercial based advertising for Marijuana-related businesses…..Read more

The WeedTube is dedicated to offering services with integrity. The WeedTube is committed to changing the world’s perception of Cannabis. If you want to learn about Cannabis, its applications, and the different ways it can be used, this site will give you all that information and more. It is also the place where you will get information regarding marijuana products. The content here will surely change your understanding of Cannabis.

They Raced Up That Waterfall!? (Jamaica Teaser Trailer)

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Lex blazer

Lex blazer is an informative YouTube channel revolving around Cannabis. This channel is meant to educate viewers about all aspects of Cannabis. Since the show has been filmed in Canada, where Cannabis is legal, it discusses some of the plant’s benefits, how to grow it, and many other how-to aspects. The platform also gives you a brief history of the legal development of the plant. It also explores the science behind Marijuana. Lex does product reviews, industry consulting, and brand marketing…..Read more

You will find this channel interesting if you are a fan of Cannabis living in Canada. It is also a go-to channel for marijuana fans who may be wondering about the benefits of the plant and how to grow it. “Lex’s World” produced by Lex Blazer has been online since 2011, and it continues to promote Cannabis Culture and educate fans about Marijuana.

Lex’s Grow-Off International 2020 COMPETITION! - Intro, Entry Rules & Judging


Master bong

Master Bong is the administrator of the “Master bong” channel. In this platform, Bong posts amazing videos detailing his experiences with different Cannabis and Cannabis products. Bong shows vlogs that record how he goes about his daily routines while burning a joint of Cannabis…..Read more

This will be an exciting channel for you if you want to learn about the different strains of Marijuana. You will be able to find out the best type for you. Also, you will be informed about the variety of Cannabis products in the market. This will help you find a product that caters to your needs. Master Bong’s channel will also demonstrate to you some of the different ways of consuming Marijuana. You can try these methods out and find one that appeals to your lifestyle.

The Master Bong channel is a go-to site for anyone who wants to enjoy videos and vlogs related to Marijuana.

My Favorite New Pyptek Bubbler | Indestructible, Portable and Super Sleek!


The CCC420

The Cannabis Connoisseur Connection 420 is an amazing YouTube channel with lots of information regarding Marijuana. The CCC420 has many great Cannabis Reviews, Vlogs, Podcasts, Music Videos, and Interviews. This channel was established in 2010, and up to date, it has continued to review 420 products…..Read more

It is interesting how this channel uploads weekly podcasts. These podcasts contain information on marijuana products, some great benefits of using them, and so much more. You can also gain a lot of knowledge through the interviews. These interviews will answer some of your queries regarding marijuana and marijuana products. The music videos are not only educative but also entertaining.

While the main object of this channel is to review Marijuana products, you will find something for everyone here. Check out the CCC420 channel and enjoy videos, vlogs, podcasts, and interviews, all based on marijuana and marijuana products. This channel will help you make better choices when shopping for cannabis products.

Shake It While You Slide "Recall"

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Macdizzle 420

Macdizzle 420 is a channel dedicated to teaching marijuana fans how to consume different types of cannabis products. If you are a fan of Cannabis, there is a world of possibilities when you think of how you can smoke Cannabis. This channel helps you explore all of these possibilities. Furthermore, Mac, the founder of this channel, who is also the co-founder of the “Weed Tube,” has some great insights about different cannabis products…..Read more

You will be thrilled by Mac’s great sense of humor, which she adds to her videos and vlogs. Like WeedTube, which features exciting content on Marijuana and great product reviews, Mac tries to demystify some of the cannabis products in the market.

This is a go-to site if you love stories about Cannabis. This channel will also prove resourceful if you are looking for a marijuana product that complements your lifestyle and appeals to your tastes and preferences.

TRUTH OR SMOKE ft ShadesofSyd


Bubbleman’s World

Marcus ‘Bubbleman’ Richardson is the brains behind Bubbleman’s World. This Youtube Channel features Cannabis Episodes such as Hash Church, Wake and Bake, and all his travel exploits. Richardson ensures his audience is fully informed and entertained…..Read more

Marcus focuses on the medicinal benefit of Cannabis. His study of glandular trichomes seeks to understand the effects of medical Marijuana. Marcus educates his viewers about the benefits of extracting cannabinoids through water methods and dry sifting.

Marcus started growing Marijuana in 2013. He grew the plant for his medicinal needs and was solely focused on extracting the plant’s medical components. Ever since, Marcus’ products and writings have appeared in magazines such as Weed World, Red Eye, Cannabis Culture, and Heads. He has appeared at numerous events and conferences as an educational speaker. One of his notable appearances was in the Greenrush Financial Conference in May 2014.

If you are interested in the medicinal value of Cannabis, check out this channel.

Pure Pressure Half Lb of herb into 60 grams of Rosin


Mendo Dope

Mendo Dope began his music career in 2007. He was introduced to music by Reek Daddy and released his first album in 2009 through NOYB Records. Mendo Dope gained worldwide fame in 2013 with his reggae hip-hop album “Planters of the Trees,” featuring many reggae artists including Marlon Asher, Pato Banton, President Brown…..Read more

Mendo Dope gained a huge following by the Cannabis fraternity and continued making songs dedicated to medical patients and ganja farmers. He later recorded, “Live In The Garden.” As Mendo Dope’s popularity increased, he started making tours around the world and performing with a live band. He also went to perform in the 2017 Boston Freedom Rally.

Mendo’s popular “How To Grow” YouTube and DVD series that talks about outdoor cultivating are featured in magazines like Cannabis Now, High Times, Greenleaf, and WeedWorld. This is a must go to page for entertainment and interesting facts on medical Marijuana.

Mendo Dope - I'm From The Mountains (Official Video)

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Strain Hunters

Strain Hunters is a highly recognized YouTube channel featuring documentaries that are aimed at sensitizing the public about cannabis plant preservation. The main purpose of this channel is to identify, track down, and extract cannabis strains that have not yet been seen to provide researchers and doctors with a chance to increase their knowledge and benefits of the marijuana plant in the medical field…..Read more

There are many unknown cannabinoid profiles found in cannabis lands that are difficult to explore. Strain hunter is dedicated to searching and providing medication acquired from these plants for those who are sick or suffering from conditions that are characterized by chronic pain. Strain Hunter also seeks to find other marijuana strains that can be used in the medical field.

If you are looking for a YouTube channel dedicated to providing information on the medicinal strains of Marijuana, look no further than Strain Hunters. You will also learn some of the major benefits of different types of marijuana plants.

Strain Hunters India Expedition - Part 1


Growers Network

Grower’s Network helps hemp and cannabis growers improve their art. This channel explores the genetics of the hemp plant and delves into the plant’s life stages, propagation, flowering, vegetation, trimming, curing, and packaging. After every episode, the network visits a local dispensary where they buy the product to demonstrate the seed to sale experience…..Read more

Grower’s Network also has a university where Cannabis growing, cultivation, and harvest is taught. The inspiration for this channel came from the late Anthony Bourdain. Bourdain’s shows like Parts Unknown greatly motivated the Grower’s Network to come up with a series that would sensitize the public on basic information regarding the growth of Marijuana.

If you want to learn about how Cannabis is grown and the local cannabis community, tune in to this channel for informative content. This channel also targets cannabis growers and helps them improve the way they plant, care for, and package their marijuana products.

Largest Outdoor Cannabis Farm in World (Canna Cribs Episode 4: Los Sueños Farms)


Cannabis Lifestyle

Cannabis Lifestyle is a channel that is seeking ways to improve your experience of Marijuana. This platform is for cannabis enthusiasts and patients who are on medical Marijuana. This channel also campaigns for the legalization of Marijuana worldwide. This platform aims to share their experiences with marijuana enthusiasts and help educate them on ways of enjoying Cannabis…..Read more

Cannabis Lifestyle Channel is passionate about Marijuana and possesses the professional skills to create quality content for anyone looking to improve their knowledge of the Cannabis plant. The goal of this platform is to help sensitize the world about the benefits of Marijuana. This channel posts educational information and also reviews marijuana products in the Cannabis industry.

If you want to broaden your knowledge on the medicinal properties of Marijuana this channel is suited for you. If you are part of the movement for the legalization of Cannabis, you should follow this channel.

How to Grow Cannabis Indoors [6 MOST IMPORTANT TIPS]

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Pigeons 420

Pigeons 420 is a favorite YouTube channel. This platform explores the journey of growing medical Marijuana and tracks the daily progress of the plant in Pigeon’s Medical Cannabis Garden. It will be interesting to see the life stages of different hemp plants. This channel will also offer you great tricks and live results of the grown plants that will make the growing process of the marijuana plant look easy…..Read more

If you would like to grow Cannabis in your backyard, follow this channel for helpful pointers. If you are just a marijuana enthusiast and only want to learn how Marijuana is grown and the different strains of Marijuana, Pigeons 420 will also offer this information.

The best part about Pigeons 420 is that all the practicals are done in a live show, and you get live results of the grown plants. Therefore, this channel will benefit marijuana wannabe growers, growers, and also cannabis aficionados.

Start the Growth - Transplanting - Grow With Me - Episode 4


That High Couple

This channel is administered by Alice and Clark. The married couple resides in Hollywood and profoundly appreciates the benefits of Marijuana. Their creative ways of demonstrating new cannabis products are the center of this channel. Alice and Clark are dedicated to sensitizing the public about the benefits of Cannabis. The couple also vlogs about the events surrounding the cannabis business to give you a glimpse of the developing international industry…..Read more

If you are skeptical about the benefits of Marijuana, this channel will be helpful. This platform will also increase your knowledge about new cannabis products. As a business dealing with cannabis products, you will gain great insights into competing products and the global market of marijuana products.

Alice and Clark are fans of Marijuana who are dedicated to sensitizing the world about the benefits of this plant and the trending marijuana products. The platform is not all about getting stoned but goes further to explain the benefits.



Uptown Grow Lab

Medical Marijuana seems to be overrated, but it does help in pain relief. If you want to learn about the benefits of medical Marijuana, try the Uptown Grow lab. This channel has informative content on marijuana products and how to grow Cannabis. This is the platform where you hang out with the owner while smoking a joint and learning about the best cannabis strains…..Read more

If you are a cannabis farmer, you will find the gardening tips and ideas shared in this platform very helpful. The Uptown Grow lab legally grows Marijuana, which they use; therefore, the information posted on this platform is derived from the first-hand experience. The Lab also demonstrates the benefits of Marijuana in treating Colitis/Crohn’s Disease and how weed can be used to mitigate this condition’s symptoms.

This platform will prove helpful if you are looking for knowledge about growing Marijuana. You will also find this channel resourceful if you are researching about the medicinal benefits of Marijuana.

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Wizard Npk

This channel will educate you about how to grow, process, run and maintain a medical marijuana garden. The platform provides you with information about more than 30 different strains of Marijuana. The purpose of the Wizard Npk is to share knowledge acquired over several years. Wizard’s marijuana plants are only nourished by nutrients…..Read more

The NPK nutrients unlock the plants’ potential. The videos posted on this platform are meant for research and educational purposes. The channel owner is a law-abiding citizen who only supports the growth of Marijuana in areas where it is legal to do so. He urges people only to grow the plant where it is legal to do so.

If you want to learn how to properly grow medical Marijuana, this is the platform to go to.  You will also get valuable insights into growing processes and how to ensure you harvest quality strains of Cannabis.


Coconuts TV

Coconuts TV deals with content centered on news, travel, food, and documentaries. This is a video documentary and an entertainment division of the coconuts media. The platform boasts of more than 4 million monthly visitors. The site is dedicated to making videos for the internet…..Read more

Coconuts TV broadcasts Cannabis based documentaries and also growing tips and tricks. The show also educates viewers on the impact of growing Marijuana in Asian countries. You will also get the latest news on the Cannabis legalization movement. Additionally, this channel will highlight some Marijuana edible recipes.

If you are interested in growing Marijuana in tropical regions across South East Asia, Coconuts TV is the right platform. This channel TV show will also enlighten you on how to grow and harvest Marijuana. Coconuts TV will also appeal to those campaigning for the legalization of Marijuana. If you like trying out different Marijuana strains, this platform offers you a wide range of edible recipes.

The Cholos of Bangkok | Coconuts TV Exclusive


Canadian Cannabis

Canadian Cannabis is an incredible YouTube platform that shares straight-forward reviews of Cannabis. The owner of this channel takes the time to assess the appearance, taste, smell, smoke, and burn off every strain of Marijuana. This channel insists on the responsible and legal consumption of Cannabis. Therefore, do not get stoned to the point of causing chaos or disturbing the peace. Furthermore, you should only smoke where it is legally permitted to do so. This channel will not be responsible for your recklessness or unlawfulness concerning marijuana consumption…..Read more

This channel is recommended for anyone who may be new to Marijuana and confused about where to start. It is also for seasoned cannabis consumers. The platform provides excellent insights into different strains of Marijuana. You will also be able to compare the benefits and drawbacks of each strain. This will help you choose the type of cannabis strain that appeals to you.

How To Roll A 1 1/4 Joint [Step By Step & Easy]

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Apogee Instruments

Apogee Instruments is a respected authority in the study of Cannabis. They are manufacturers of durable, innovative, and research-based environmental instruments to improve food production, measure climate change, and develop renewable energy. Apogee instruments are renowned for thousands of applications globally…..Read more

Apogee Instruments is passionate about research and offers products that are respected for being cost-effective. This channel offers video tutorials and how-to content, educational webinars, fundamental classes, and lectures to sensitize the world about the findings of their research. Their hemp products are derived after extensive research in the field of Cannabis.

Bruce Bugbee and scientists from Utah State University have leveraged their expertise to study the best cultivation practices and improve the quality of Cannabis for botanical medicines. If you are looking for a platform where you will learn about Cannabis and how to grow it and other research-based information regarding Marijuana, Apogee Instruments is the channel to watch.

Cannabis Grow Lighting Myths and FAQs with Dr. Bruce Bugbee


Dr. Rachna Patel

Dr. Rachna Patel is the founder and CEO of Doc Patel’s. She is renowned in the area of Cannabinoid Medicine. Since 2012, Patel’s consultations have impacted the health and wellbeing of her patients. Patients have been relieved of their painful symptoms and have enjoyed a better quality of life…..Read more

Dr. Patel takes the time to educate her patients on how to consume CBD products. The doctor also manages her patient’s expectations. Dr. Patel has helped people from different countries manage their medical conditions. As an expert in CBD oil, Dr. Patel strategically instructs her patients on the steps to follow when using CBD oil for their medical condition.

If you are looking for educational videos on CBD oil, check out Dr. Patel’s channel. You will also find her instructional videos very resourceful if you are on CBD medication. She will walk you through the benefits and the usage of CBD products.

Why is It Important For CBD To Be Tested For Heavy Metals?



Boveda is an authority for controlling the humidity for moisture-sensitive products such as Cannabis, cigars, and wooden instruments. Boveda invented the first 2-way system for humidity control. The humidity control system comes in a ready-to-use packet…..Read more

The system has a semi-permeable membrane that consists of purified water and natural salts. Boveda acts on the external environment. Boveda adds and absorbs moisture, keeping the contents of a sealed container at a specific humidity level.

Boveda also helps control moisture in cannabis products. Boveda has two youtube channels. In these channels, you will learn about the medicinal properties of Marijuana.

This platform is the place to visit if you want information about how to control moisture in Cannabis. You will also be educated on the impact of medical Marijuana.

Should Cannabis Have a Strong Smell Before You Grind It? | The Science Behind Saving Terpenes

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Positive Smash

Positive Smash is a YouTube channel that features cool stuff about Cannabis, Alcohol, and Mukbangs. This platform also has delicious recipes to relieve your cravings. If you are looking to have fun watching videos of topics related to weed, Positive Smash is the place to be. You will find interesting videos on some of the fun ways to smoke weed…..Read more

If you want to try out different Marijuana strains, Positive Smash will help you achieve just that. This is a channel that features all things smashed hence the name “positive smash.” The platform has cooking videos, alcohol reviews, fun live streams, shenanigans, and general debauchery. There is something for everyone on this platform.

You will enjoy this channel if you like smoking weed and learn about different strains and ways of consuming Marijuana. As an added benefit, you will enjoy fun live videos, cooking videos, and alcohol reviews.

Old School Pizza Mukbang!


Good Eats 420

Have you ever wondered what it would be like incorporating Cannabis in your foods? Edible Marijuana takes time to make you high because it is slowly absorbed into your system. Some people prefer this experience to smoking weed and feeling the effects right away. Additionally, many people with respiratory conditions would rather have edible cannabis products than smoke weed…..Read more

Good Eats 420 is a Cooking with Cannabis channel. Formerly known as Bassdropkeys, the channel has mouth-watering and amazing recipes of cannabis edibles and many other types of foods. When you visit this channel, your pangs of hunger will be triggered immediately. You cannot resist these delicious recipes after watching Good Eats 420 videos.

It can be fun eating foods enriched with ingredients from the Hemp plant. If you want to try out different recipes for marijuana edibles, this is the place to be. The various options for marijuana edibles will leave you spoilt for choice.

How To Make Homemade Candy Apples |


Cottonmouth Media

Cottonmouth Media can be categorized as a cannabis marketing platform. It helps promote cannabis products through photography, social media strategy, videography, and brand consulting. If you are looking for a reliable brand for your marijuana needs, you should check out this platform…..Read more

The channel will enlighten you about the benefits of different cannabis products. You will also be able to differentiate between the different marijuana brands. The features of these products will help you manage your expectations. As a result, you will be able to pick a product that best suits your needs. You can also experiment with other brands for a feel-good experience.

Cottonmouth Media can be considered as a Small-Scale Social Media Agency run by Mr. Matt. Matt is communicative and very passionate about promoting cannabis-related brands. By promoting Marijuana-related products, consumers are empowered to make informed choices. You can switch to this channel for updates on the latest Cannabis-related brands.

How to clean a bong - in 2 minutes

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Green Queen

Green Queen Ms. Gianna is a cannabis advocate. She likes food and is always looking for ways of stimulating her taste buds. The Green Queen started experimenting by combining her passion for food with her passion for Marijuana. She discovered numerous ways of incorporating Marijuana in her desserts at home…..Read more

Green Queen has a herbal infusion brownie kit that has everything required to make medicinal brownies. Her recipe is faster than conventional methods of making weed cookies and is more potent and tastier than ordinary brownies. You only have to add water, eggs, and your favorite herb to the brownie kit.

Her channel features yummilicious and quantifiable recipes that feature ingredients that are used to make a good dose of Cannabis. Many people prefer edible Cannabis to smoking cannabis. If you are looking for fun ways of including Cannabis in your daily diet, tune in to Green Queen for insightful finger-licking recipes.

How To Make Strong Herbal Brownies In 1 Hour


Cannabis Health Radio

This channel is a podcast that is insightful because it interviews experts and people who have consumed Cannabis for medicinal purposes. If you are wondering about the health benefits of Cannabis, this is the channel you need to watch. Also, if you are skeptical about the effects of Marijuana, this podcast will help eliminate your reservations…..Read more

Listening to the experts’ views on medicinal Marijuana and also to the experiences of patients who have used medicinal Marijuana, your opinion regarding the plant will be fully transformed. This podcast is also a must-listen for patients suffering from chronic pain. Medicinal Cannabis has been proven to ease the pain for many conditions.

The world is yet to warm up to the powerful medicinal effects of Marijuana. With only a handful of countries legalizing Marijuana, it will take a lot of research and convincing people to believe in the healing properties of Cannabis. This podcast acts in favor of the legalization of the marijuana movement.

Episode 281: With His Severely Fused Spine He Was On The Edge of Suicide


Ride With Larry

This channel is about a movement that empowers people who have Parkinson’s disease. The channel is determined to finding a cure for the condition. This platform is inspired by the documentary film “Ride with Larry.” This is a story of the day to day struggles of Larry Smith, a retired police officer who has Parkinson’s disease. The officer is now a small-town baker. Smith had had Parkinson’s disease for 20 years when this documentary was being filmed…..Read more

The Ride with Larry channel highlights the challenges facing people with Parkinson’s while reviewing the relevant research aimed at ending this condition. This platform can act as a support community for people who have Parkinson’s disease. Ride with Larry also gives hope to those with Parkinson’s and offers them relevant updates on scientific progress in finding a cure for this disease.

Medical Marijuana and Parkinson's Part 3 of 3

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Paradise Seeds

Paradise cannabis seeds are a collection of cannabis seeds that come with the essential trace elements that provide you with a good start. The owner of this channel follows strict criteria for pollinating plants. His pollination rooms follow strict safety procedures such that no pollen from male plants can be incorporated into the stock. Paradise seeds use pollen filters in their grow rooms…..Read more

You will be pleased by the beautiful garden of the Paradise Seeds and learn about their extensive collection of cannabis seeds. Some of the seeds offered include regular, feminized, and auto-flowering cannabis seeds. This platform will interest you if you want to grow your garden of cannabis plants. The information on this channel will guide you in growing plants safely in well-structured grow rooms. You can experiment with the different types of seeds to find the strain of weed that you are most comfortable with



Let’s Talk Cannabis LMC

Let’s Talk Cannabis or LMC is focused on educating consumers and companies on everything regarding Cannabis. The platform educates consumers and companies on issues in the cannabis industry. The videos released by LMC target both the marijuana enthusiast and the cannabis entrepreneur…..Read more

If you are seeking information about the benefits of Cannabis, this platform is an excellent place to start. You will learn about medical Marijuana and some of the conditions where it is used for pain relief. You can also consider this platform if you want to learn about the different strains of Marijuana and how you can grow them. The platform will also educate you on how Cannabis is grown.

You also get to learn issues in the cannabis industry like the new products in the market and the fight for the legalization of Marijuana, among other things. This platform will give you insights on what marijuana enthusiasts want and the trending products in the market.

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Herbit420 is a channel for patients who use medical Cannabis. It also targets adults in states where Marijuana has been legalized and legal CBD consumers. This platform provides valuable information on Cannabis, CBD, medical marijuana, and treatment options. Herbit420 also reviews marijuana products…..Read more

You can subscribe to this channel for interviews, smoke sessions, unboxings, cannabis news, and reviews. If there is anything Cannabis-related, you will find it at Herbit420. All videos are full of fun and entertainment.

This channel is recommended for anyone who is using a treatment that is based on medical Cannabis. You will get to learn about how to use Medical Cannabis to relieve your symptoms effectively. Many weed enthusiasts tune in to this channel to watch interviews and get the latest cannabis news. You can also refer to this platform when looking for cannabis products. The reviews featured on this channel will help you choose a cannabis product that best suits you.


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Cannabis Education

If you are looking for DIY videos on cannabis plants, this channel will be helpful. Cannabis Education will also provide you with factual and informative content on Marijuana. If you are into edible cannabis products, this channel will be resourceful…..Read more

This channel aims to spread information regarding the cannabis industry across the globe. The platform targets people who may not be able to access this type of information. This channel shows you how to make cannabis gummies, make cannabis oil, and make THC rice crispy products.

If you want to learn about the benefits and applications of Cannabis, this platform has many resources that cover these topics. You will also learn about different edible cannabis products and how to make them. The videos in this channel will also guide you on differentiating a variety of marijuana strains. This channel is your go-to resource for everything you need to know about Marijuana.

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Medical marijuana has brought a great revolution in the health care industry. Its numerous benefits have made it an integral part of several treatments. If you want to enjoy a great many benefits of medical marijuana, visit MMJ Doctor today and apply for your Medical Marijuana Card.

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