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Marijuana for the management of different medical issues is among the best approaches in medicine nowadays. California was among the first states to legalize the use of medical marijuana, and the state has continually introduced legislation to make the drug accessible to as many patients as possible. In regard to population size, San Jose holds the third position among California cities. It is renowned as the financial, political, and cultural center of Silicon Valley.

Though recreational marijuana use is legal in San Jose, you will access more benefits when you get a medical marijuana card for your purchases. This card is obtained from the state’s medical-marijuana program offices after a doctor has reviewed your medical history and condition then written a recommendation for the use of medical cannabis. This recommendation is presented to the relevant authorities along with proof of residency in the state and identity proof for the processing of your medical marijuana card.

With your medical marijuana card, you can purchase higher potency limits for the drug, and grow more plants at home compared to when you buy the weed as a recreational user. Furthermore, the card allows you to buy your cannabis from medical dispensaries that do not sell their products to recreational users.

Federal laws do not allow the sale of marijuana in conventional pharmacies. Independent stores known as dispensaries are the ones allowed to cater to recreational or medical cannabis users. Medical dispensaries are taxed and regulated differently from those dealing with recreational cannabis, meaning the products there are cheaper. Moreover, they stock products with higher potency than recreational marijuana dispensaries.

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Below are five of the best medical marijuana dispensaries in San Jose CA from where you can buy your product.

Purple Lotus Patient Center

Established in 2009, the Purple Lotus Patient Center is located on 752 Commercial Street, San Jose. It is one of the most popular medical marijuana dispensaries in San Jose, CA 95112 with hundreds of products, including edibles, cartridges, topicals, and concentrates. You also have access to more than fifty strains of cannabis if you settle on this store for your medical cannabis. The dispensary occupies more than 10,000 square feet and employs over twenty of the best budtenders.

The goal of the staff at Purple Lotus Patient Center is the provision of quality service in a comfortable atmosphere while ensuring all clients get quality products irrespective of their budgets. Some of the world’s biggest cannabis brands found in the dispensary include Papa Barkley, LOL Edibles, Heavy Hitters, Kiva, Select, KANHA, and Los Angeles Kush. The store also works in conjunction with verified Weedmaps’ vendors like Care By design and Alien Labs. With these affiliations, you can rest assured that you are getting the best products from the purple lotus patient center.

The product prices at Purple Lotus Patient Center are friendly, but there is also a 5% discount for seniors and clients on Disability, Medicare, or SSI. The discount is also open to veterans, those in active military duty as well as students of the San Jose State University, Foothill, UCSC, Stanford, De Anza, and Evergreen. From Sunday to Thursday from 9 am to 11 am, all teachers, students, veterans, and seniors get a 10% discount on their purchases. The store is open from Monday to Sunday from 9 am to 9 pm with deliveries offered from 8 am to 10 pm daily.

Airfield Supply Company

Founded in 2010, Airfield Supply Company was formerly called South Bay Healing Center. It is located at 1190 Coleman Avenue, San Jose, CA, 95112 close to the San Jose airport. Its location informs its decor that features a sleek airstrip charm tied with chic modern décor. The location close to the airport also allows the store an easy pick-up of the products it imports to guarantee exceptional quality.

Airfield Supply Company dispensary also features peak windows highlighting their high and expansive vertical grow rooms with lively, thriving green cannabis plants. You can observe their clones and mother plants from the lobby. Some of the clones are sold in the dispensary, while others are moved to the flower rooms upstairs. The harvest is trimmed and sold in the retail section meaning that you are assured of the best quality indoor marijuana from this dispensary.


Medical Marijuana

Medical Marijuana Dispensaries in San Jose


The main priority of the Airfield Supply Company is to provide its clients with quality weed in a professional and compassionate healing environment. Its cannabis products range from accessories, pre-rolls, topicals, concentrates, edibles, and cartridges. Other than weed, the dispensary offers massages, cannabis counseling, Chinese medicine consultations, chiropractor care, and acupuncture.

Airfield Supply Company accepts Treez pay, cash, and debit cards. The store has a happy hour on Wednesdays and Mondays from 2-4 pm when select edibles, concentrates, and flowers have a 20% discount. This dispensary is open daily from 9 am to 9 pm. Its medical marijuana delivery San Jose program runs daily from 7.30 am to 9 pm. Veterans get a 20% discount on their entire purchase price on Mondays.


This dispensary on 1761 Smith Avenue San Jose, CA 95112 was founded in 2011 then launched in 2012 by two brothers Nathan and Josh, along with their friend Luke. These founders are among the pioneers of the San Jose Cannabis Community and their business is thus locally operated and owned. Since its opening, Haze has been among the fastest-growing dispensaries operating within the limits of San Jose medical marijuana laws including, California Proposition 215.

Haze stocks flowers, vapes, extracts, edibles, pre-rolls, tinctures, topicals, and accessories. This store has some of the world’s leading cannabis brands like Raw Garden, KANHA, The Stick, Krush Kings, Platinum Vape, Heavy Hitters, Preserve, Nug, Royal Budline, Kaizen, Glass House And 710 Labs, among others. The team of cannabis growers that works in this dispensary includes the best and has been recognized for producing award-winning strains. Blackberry Fire was, for instance, recognized at Hempcon as the best Indica strain.

Customer satisfaction is the top priority in Haze. This explains why the store has been touted as the medical dispensary with the friendliest staff in San Jose and stocks the highest-quality cannabis products. Moreover, if you are looking for the cheapest dispensary in San Jose, look no further than Haze. Other than their daily promo deals and specials, Haze has a rewards program for its clients. You earn one point for each dollar spent at the store and are notified of exclusive discounts, events, and deals if you are a part of the rewards program. When signing up for the program, you get a welcome gift of 420 points.

The store is open daily from 9 am to 9 pm and accepts payments in the form of debit cards, Apple Pay, or cash. It has an ATM on-site as well. You can opt for in-store shopping, delivery, or express pick-up at Haze. 

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With investors like Joe Montana and Jay-Z, Caliva is, no doubt, among the most popular medical marijuana dispensaries in San Jose. It is ranked among the premier cultivation and weed delivery facilities in San Jose. It was also ranked in the first position in the U.S by the Business Insider. Caliva opened its doors in 2016 and has steadily risen since then.

Though the store located on 1695 South 7th Street San Jose, CA 95112 has an easy-going attitude that ensures all clients feel comfortable, the budtenders here are highly educated on the weed they sell and are passionate about the drug. Therefore, you will get a professional to guide you on the best strains for the medicinal benefits for which you are aiming.

Its growing facility covering 100,000 square feet is among the most advanced for pharmaceutical-grade marijuana. Each of the strains grown in Caliva is selected because of its superior medicinal effects and genetics, then tested to guarantee that it only offers the best. The cultivation facility is vertically integrated, meaning that marijuana is grown, harvested and processed then sold here.

Caliva’s inventory includes vapes, flowers, pre-rolls, edibles, concentrates, accessories, and other CBD products. Some of the leading cannabis brands in the store include Monogram, Fun Uncle, Deli, Kiva, STIIIZY, Mirayo, Chill, and Raw Garden, in addition to the in-house Caliva brand. There are different promotions, sales, and discounts periodically that make the weed sold at Caliva quite affordable. The dispensary also accepts coupons and gift cards.

The store is open from 9 am to 9 pm from Monday to Sunday with deliveries conducted during these opening hours. You can pay for your weed using cash and cashless payment alternatives.


Medical Marijuana

Medical Marijuana Dispensary Products


Harborside was founded by Steve De Angelo in 2006. Since it opened its doors, the dispensary has grown to become one of the best and most respected in the U.S because of its quality products. It was one of the first to offer CBD-rich cannabis, support the education of families with severely ill kids, veterans and seniors and treat kids with Dravet syndrome.  The store continues setting an example as one of the leading advocates of sustainability, economic justice, and diversity in the cannabis industry.

Located on 1365 North 10th street, San Jose, CA 95112, the store is open daily from 10 am to 8 pm, with deliveries offered in the same period. Harborside stocks pre-rolls, concentrates, edibles, tinctures, flowers, extracts, vapes, topicals, accessories, and seeds for growing cannabis. With their core mission of quality and trust, the store has a diverse group of employees that are well-informed about cannabis.

The products at Harborside are affordable, and you are sure to get a product within your budget. There is also a 15% discount for veterans and seniors, along with periodic deals. You can pay for your purchases here using cash and debit cards.

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The above dispensaries only sell medical marijuana to those with a medical marijuana card in San Jose CA. You do not have to visit a medical marijuana doctor San Jose doctor in person anymore for an evaluation that informs your recommendation for the card. This is because there is now an option of online evaluations in San Jose CA from a platform like MMJ Doctor. Here, you will get doctors that are certified by the state of California to evaluate medical marijuana patients. The recommendation from MMJ Doctor will be e-mailed to you immediately after you pass the evaluation, with a hard copy mailed within a few days.

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Medical Marijuana

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