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Medical Marijuana has been in use since the 18th century. In the marijuana community, there have been about 779 weed strains with a name to them. All these have different chemical compositions, and thereby varied effects on the human body.


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For a better understanding of some of the top-rated marijuana strains, keep reading:


What Are the Main Groups of Medical Marijuana Strains?


There are three main classifications of medical marijuana strains. These include:

1. Indica Strains


These medical marijuana strains are known for their short and bushy look. They originate from Afghanistan’s Hindu Kush region. And compared to other medical marijuana strains, Indica strains produce more yield in a shorter maturation period.


Some of the general effects of Indica strains include:

  • Reducing inflammation, hence used for medical purposes
  • Relieve pain temporarily
  • Help with sleeping disorders.
  • Relaxed and calm effects

In some cases, it has been reported to cause munchies, a condition where you experience strong hunger pangs.


Marijuana Strains

Medical Cannabis Strains


2. Sativa Strains


Sativa-dominant plants grow up to 20 feet tall, with a lean appearance, and is a favorite among recreational users. Owing to its high THC content, this marijuana form provides an uplifting, energetic, and euphoric high that you can enjoy.

In terms of medical use, Sativa strains have been reported to improve moods since they impact your brain’s cerebral regions. To this effect, they can be prescribed to help with mental conditions such as anxiety, depression, and bipolar disorder.

Sativa strains also help with energy boosts, promoting creativity, and are a perfect option for mood swings.


3. Hybrid Strains


You could say that these marijuana strains are the off springs of Sativa and Indica strains. The cross-breed shave mixed genetics borrowed from their parent strains.

For most growers, hybrid strains are the best because they get to select the combination of properties for their marijuana.

Chemical compounds contained in marijuana are also important. Although there are about 113 cannabinoids isolated from weed plants, you are probably familiar with the two most popular ones.

These include:

  • THC: A psychoactive component that is responsible for making you feel high
  • CBD: A calming and relaxing compound known for its medical value and moderation of the euphoric effect resulting from THC


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What Are 5 of the Top-rated Marijuana Strains?


1. Blueberry Diesel

This top marijuana strain is a cross between the renowned blueberry and sour diesel. You will notice a strong blueberry smell and hints of fuel upon consumption, borrowed from its Diesel background.

The flowers tend to be sticky, with long orange hairs. Since it has both CBD and THC, it results in a relaxing yet happy effect that’s neither underwhelming nor overwhelming. For this reason, it makes it to the list of the best marijuana strains.


2. Girl Scout Cookies

The GSC is a hybrid marijuana strain that contains about 19% THC and minimal CBD. Therefore, a small amount could land you on cloud nine in no time.

Some of the effects reported after its use include relaxed, euphoric, calming, and happy feelings.

The flowers of the GSC plant appear green and purple, with orange hairs on the leaves. The plant takes about 10 weeks before they are ready for harvesting.

GCC has also been used among patients seeking relief from severe nausea, appetite loss, and pain.


Medical Marijuana

Which Strain is the best for you?


3. Blue Dream

Blue dream is a THC-dominant marijuana strain with about 18% concentration. The strain originates from California and is known to cause a gentle cerebral effect and full-body relaxation.

The sweet berry aroma from Blue Dreamt makes it enjoyable to use. Since it offers rapid relief from symptoms without making you sleepy, this strain is relatively popular among experts and novices.

Moreover, it is a daytime strain used by patients to treat depression, pain, and nausea.


4. Northern Lights

It is one of the most famous pure Indica strains in the marijuana community. Northern Lights is a favorite among growers because it flowers fast, is resistant to weather, pests, insects, and has resinous buds.

Northern Lights descend from Indica strains Afghani and Thai Landrace.

The signature feature for Northern Lights is the sweet yet spicy, pungent aroma it radiates. The buds also turn purple sometimes.

Some of the effects reported include relaxation, euphoria, and happiness. This strain is common among patients with pain, depression, stress, and sleeplessness.


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5. Granddaddy Purple

You cannot talk about the best marijuana strains without mentioning Granddaddy Purple. At first interaction, you will notice the large buds with a compact structure. The flowers also tend to be a dark purple, and the plant radiates a mixture of berry and grape aroma.

This top strain of weed delivers the perfect infusion of cerebral high, mental, and physical relaxation, with a touch of euphoria.

This is the best marijuana strain for treating pain, stress, appetite loss, muscle spasms, and insomnia.

In conclusion, there are many marijuana strains you can use depending on your desired outcome. However, we have listed five of the top-rated marijuana strains you can use for a relaxed, calming, and uplifting effect.

While using marijuana, remember that a little goes a long way. Avoid using too much, especially if it is your first time using hemp.

To obtain and use marijuana, States across the U.S require you have a medical marijuana card.

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