top medical and recreational marijuana strains in 2017

So many good choices – so little time.

Medical and recreational marijuana has been on the market in several states now for several years now.  By now, there is a wealth of information out there about who buys what. We’ve gathered data from the major marijuana websites and research groups and made our own conclusion on what top marijuana strains are really the most popular as of the year 2017.

Marijuana comes in three distinct species, with Sativa and indica types and hybrids (mixtures) dominating the consumer market in the United States and other western countries.



The science is coming in that allows us to begin to understand how the various cannabinoids in marijuana work in the body and affect the psyche. The main cannabinoid in the most popular strains is THC, the psychoactive component.  The second type of THC (V) has an energizing effect as opposed to a sedating effect. The other main cannabinoid called CBD tends to pleasantly moderate the high.  Other components in cannabis called terpenes also work with THC and other cannabinoids that affect the medical or recreational experience.

Generally speaking, Sativa strains are more energizing and provides users with a”head” high, while indica strains are more relaxing and subdued giving more of a “body” highs.  With that said, not all people respond in the same way, a few people react oppositely to the norm.  Consumers love energizing weed, to get them through the day in style, as they say,  while few marijuana smokers don’t want something sedating and relaxing after a hard, or easy day at the office.


blue dream strain


1. Blue Dream – Cannabis Strains
Blue Dream is Sativa-dominant, described as full-body relaxation yet invigoratingly cerebral.


durban poison strain


2. Durban Poison- Cannabis Strains
Durban Poison is a sativa loved for its robust uplifting and energetic effects. D-Poison contains high amounts of THCV which might account for its outrageous popularity.


sour diesel strain


3. Sour Diesel- Cannabis Strains
Sour diesel is a Sativa strain, made especially popular for its antidepressive and anti-pain properties.  Rarely will a recreational user say no to Sour Diesel as well.


bruce banner


4. Bruce Banner #3 – Cannabis Strains
Bruce Banner #3 is a potent hybrid known especially for its superhuman “euphoric” buzz.


blueberry diesel strain


5. Blueberry Diesel – Cannabis Strains
Blueberry diesel, no surprise is a cross between the very popular blueberry and sour diesel strains.  A great medical strain with appreciable CBD content and %15 THC which is also very popular among the recreational crowd.


girl scout cookies


6. Girl Scout Cookies – Cannabis Strains
Girl Scout Cookies is a cross of OG Kush and Durban Poison and is popular because of it’s over the top THC content.   GSC also contains THCV which might account for its extra kick.


northern light strain


7. Northern Lights – Cannabis Strains 
Northern Lights pure indica best known for its relaxing dreamy, relaxing effects that calm the body especially. Obviously, this strain is popular at bedtime.


green crack strain


8. Green Crack – Cannabis Strains
Green Crack sounds evil or naughty but its just another weird name from its parents, that turns out to deliver a strong burst of energy. GC is popular when users want a boost to focus, focus, focus.

hell's angel og strain

9. Hell’s Angel OG – Cannabis Strain 
Hell’s Angel OG is indica-dominant hybrid, known for its large, heavy buds, that hits you heavily and quickly, like a biker’s punch in the face (joke).

granddaddy purple strain


10. Granddaddy Purple.  Cannabis Strains

A potent medical / recreational strain, popular for pain and tough to treat sleeping conditions.  Recreational users enjoy the profound holiday effects of this lovely creation.

OG Kush strain


11. OG Kush. Cannabis Strains  

One of the most powerful and popular strains on earth, and probably the solar system.  Kush varieties are regular winners at the biggest competitions.  OG Kush is popular for its combination of opposing effects, euphoria and relaxation.


White Widow Strain


12. White Widow – Hybrid Cannabis Strain
An extremely popular hybrid strain that is known for its dense resin content and thick white crystal coating. White Widow has been a global favorite for over two decades due to its high energy, euphoric high and fast acting effects.


Most Popular Marijuana Strains – Leafly

Blue Dream
Sour Diesel
Girl Scout Cookies
Green Crack
OG Kush
Granddaddy Purple

Trending Marijuana Strains – Leafly

Tropic Thunder
Lime Skunk
LA Confidential
Tangerine Dream
Ganja Wemo


Marijuana Strains – Google Algorithm First Appearing


Pineapple Skunk ·

Burmese Kush


Skunk #1

Jack Herer

Killer Tahoe OG


Marijuana Strains – Reddit First Appearing


Presidential OG

Spooky Dream

Black Destroyer

Purple Space Cookies

Lemon Thai Kush

Dark Star

Peaches and Cream


HIGHTIMES – Marijuana Strains

Black Lavender
Mendo Breath?
’92 OG
Colorado Bubba
Goji OG
Star Dawg
Gorilla Glue #4


Leafscience – Cannabis Strains

Girl Scout Cookies
Green Crack
Bruce Banner
Sour Diesel
Durban Poison
Kosher Kush
Blackberry X Blueberry
Tangerine Power
Banana Kush
Blue Dream


ALLBUD Marijuana Strains

OG Kush

Jock Horror
Purple Kush
Durban Poison

Wonder Woman
Neville’s Hazeis
Jack Herer
Khalifa Kush


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