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The medical marijuana industry is growing rapidly now more than ever before.

This is great news for countless patients who need alternate options for their medical conditions. It is also great news for medical professionals who look to serve the needs of this community. For many professionals in the marijuana industry, there is a need to find the best manner by which to maintain the medical records and patient information for their practice. There is also a great need for medical professionals to keep up to date with the latest legalities related to marijuana usage. Patients today are educated in their consumer needs.

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Patients also want quick and easy access to appointment scheduling and information on how to obtain their medical marijuana card to get the help they need. A great resource for patients is where they gain access to a medical marijuana evaluation online. This site offers the best in customer service and includes a comprehensive database of several 420 doctors at MMJ Doctor who holds a license in the state of California. As most patients are aware, a medical marijuana card must be issued to them after a medical evaluation by a doctor to learn if medical cannabis will help them with their condition. For medical professionals who have an ever-increasing patient demand for medical marijuana evaluations as well as future checkups, the task of organizing all their patient’s information into one electronic database can be a daunting if not overwhelming task. That is why doctors also can go to to discover the best EMR software solution for their practice.

There are many factors which doctors must consider when finding the best and most top-rated EMR software to manage their patient’s information. There is a matter of personal preference of course to consider, but the end goal is the same for all doctors, to focus on the patients’ needs with the assurance that they have the best EMR software to manage their important and detailed information with.

Medical Marijuana Doctors Software

MMJ Doctors Software

EMR Software is a must-have solution for the doctor who wants to keep accurate records on their patient’s ever-changing needs and vital information. It is also important that MMJ doctors use a software solution from a trusted vendor with an easy-to-use and customize platform. MMJ doctors should invest in an EMR software solution that everyone in their office can use effectively and easily for their purposes. That is why it is a good idea to research what options are available online for MMJ doctors. The more information you have about the available software solutions that are out there, the better equipped you will be to focus on your patient’s medical needs.


MMJ doctors can grow their practice most effectively when they implement quality EMR doctor’s software. EMR software can not only maintain electronic health records of patients, but also manage patient engagement efforts, order transmission, care coordination, and medical billing and revenue cycles. What this means is that EMR software can not only ensure the patient’s best care but also help doctors manage the profitability and growth of their office all in one software solution.

EMR software can also help MMJ doctors be protected against penalties by ensuring they are following the latest laws and regulations for their industry. EMR software can also help doctors utilize their potential profitability with tools such as a revenue calculator. Revenue calculators will help MMJ doctors gain insight into the potential results of growing their practice so that no money is left on the table.

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EMR Software Solutions

Doctors need to ask themselves the question, “How is this benefiting my patient’s care?” when researching the best EMR software solution for their practice. They must also be aware that although there are numerous options out there for their electronic medical records management needs, they must choose wisely what software solution will work best for their specific needs. Doctors must consider the size of their office, how many current and potential future patients they will have, and how they would need to customize a software solution to best serve the needs of the office. Asking these types of questions will help doctors come to the best decisions regarding what sort of EMR software will best serve both their patients and office needs.

Top Five EMR Software Solutions

When considering the best EMR Software Solution, we should look at these top five software vendors ranked by popularity. Many Medical Marijuana doctors will look to these vendors and others for their best options for EMR solutions for their office.


1. eClinicalWorks – This EMR Software is available on both MAC and PC and offers users the ability to customize and configure the features of it according to their own preferences. This is a full-service solution offering everyone from nurses and doctors, to the front desk and billing office administrators access to the needed information for their task.


2. McKesson Software – This solution offers a cloud-based software solution that can be accessed by any smartphone or internet browser. This convenience allows doctors and administrators to have access to a patient’s data anywhere making it an added convenience. Since it is cloud-based, it also does not require any software to download.




3. Cerner Software – This solution much like McKesson also offers a cloud-based solution. Cerner is an award-winning global software leader and offers solutions for anywhere from a small 2-person office to international government health agencies.

4. Athena Health Software – This software solution is a trusted vendor of many doctors in both small and large offices to use to effectively manage patient data. It offers a solution that has a quick learning curve for novices and much like the others mentioned is customizable and can help doctors to maintain accurate and easily accessible information on their patient’s needs.

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5. Mmj EMR for doctors – This software solution is ideal for medical marijuana doctors as well as dispensaries. Users can manage unlimited patient’s medical records and profiles and access the required legal documents needed for their business. The software enables users to access pertinent patient information easily and takes a great deal of the confusion out of medical record management.

6. When choosing the best MMJ EMR software for their patient’s needs, it is important that doctors have all the facts on what software options are out there. Being aware of what options best serve your patients’ needs is the first step in selecting the software which will work best for your office.

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