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Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of the hundreds of naturally-occurring compounds, known as cannabinoids, that are present in the Cannabis plant . The production process for CBD oil involves diluting this extract with hemp seed oil or a similar carrier oil.


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There is a good amount of research on the benefits of CBD for managing epilepsy, improving sleep, and helping to ease anxiety and stress. Recent research has placed focus on the benefits of CBD oil for weight loss and preventing the development of weight-related disorders such as obesity.

Being able to achieve and maintain a healthy weight is a fundamental pillar of good health and wellbeing. It is for this reason that any potential solutions, including CBD oils, is well worth the research and various stakeholders are mustering the funding and other resources towards this research.


CBD Oil & Weight Loss: How It Works


As already highlighted, research on the role of CBD in weight loss is a little sparse or limited. However, findings from this limited research point to the following ways that CBD usage can affect your weight loss journey and help to reduce the risk of developing obesity.


CBD oil for weight loss

How Good Is CBD Oil for Weight-Loss?


  • CBD Reduces Your Food Intake Your Suppressing Appetite

Unlike the cannabinoid THC,  which has been shown to increase food consumption, CBD has the opposite effect as it suppresses appetite, and induces satiety, and by extension, limits your food intake. If you can control your food intake, then shedding off some of the excess body fat and losing weight should be comparatively easier.

According to the findings of a 2012 study by the University of Reading involving adult male rats as the subjects, CBD does reduce food intake. The study concluded that this alteration in feeding patterns is a key component to CBD’s anti-obesity effect.

Do keep in mind that not eating any food at all may not do well for your weight loss. On the other hand, what you do need is to limit your intake, and that is why even specialists recommend portion control as an effective approach to weight loss. A suppressed appetite will see you eat only small quantities of food at a time.


  • CBD Lowers Lipogenesis

Lipogenesis is the natural mechanism by which the metabolic intermediate known as acetyl-CoA  is converted into triglycerides. The latter is the form in which fat is stored in the body. The process covers both the synthesis of fatty acids and the esterification of these fatty acids into triglycerides.

Excess triglyceride levels in the body manifests as obesity. This is the reason why the key to weight loss and management lies in inhibiting the rate of lipogenesis and managing the formation of triglycerides.

In addition to aiding weight loss, limiting lipogenesis has also been shown to prevent the development of type 2 diabetes mellitus, among other metabolic disorders. According to a 2018 study there exists a close link between metabolic disorders such as high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes and obesity. Studies suggest that this may be due to the overactivation of CB1 receptors in tissues.  CBD blocks these receptors and by so doing has the potential to reduce obesity.

Other studies have also pointed to the effectiveness of CBD in reducing the expression of key proteins that are involved in the lipogenesis process. In both cases, the results are the same, and that is promoting weight loss, and reducing your chances of developing obesity.


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  • CBD Affects Energy Homeostasis

Energy homeostasis is the process behind the homeostatic control of calorie intake and expenditure. The hypothalamus in the brain helps to keep the balance by generating a sense of hunger through several signaling pathways.

When your calorie expenditure is less than your calorie intake, a positive energy balance happens, and the excess energy will be stored as fat in cells throughout your body. When these deposits are in excess, you will become obese. On the other hand, a negative energy balance where your calorie expenditure exceeds your intake, promotes weight loss.

In a 2017 review by the Nova Institute, the study on animal models showed that CBD increases the number and activity of mitochondria. This influence translates to a higher calorie expenditure, creating the negative energy balance that aids in weight loss.


  • CBD Promotes Fat Burning

If your metabolic rate is low but your calorie intake is disproportionately high, fat will get deposited in your fat cells. To initiate weight loss and shed off excess body weight requires a significant surge in your metabolic rate. The objective of the metabolism will be breakdown of fat tissue in your body.

How can this be done? One of the most effective ways is by consuming nutrients that increase the metabolism or burning of fats to release energy. This is the reason why such nutrients are commonly referred to as “fat burners.”

Brown adipose tissue (BAT) plays a significant role in helping to burn fats. A  2016 study by researchers at Daegu University showed that CBD contributes to the browning of storage adipocytes. With this conversion, the potential for fat burning increases significantly, earning CBD its place among fat burners.


How does CBD oil feel?

How Does CBD Oil Make You Feel?


  • CBD Affects the Fat Genes

You may be obese because of genetic disposition. When obesity runs in the family, it may be due to a change in specific genes that predispose one to this condition.

Studies have shown that variations in up to nine genes increase the risk of metabolic disorders and obesity. There is ongoing research around tens of genes that scientists believe are responsible for obesity progression, but what is certain is that this progression is not because of a single gene.

Genes play a critical role in mapping out your signal pathways, that is, your stimulus and response. Regarding food intake signals, it, therefore, makes sense why a change in the involved genes can trigger significant changes and affect your metabolism.

CBD has been shown to regulate the activity of these fat genes. Usage of CBD, for example, limits genes and proteins associated with the expansion of adipose tissues.


  • CBD for Other Conditions That Contribute to Weight Gain

Engaging in physical activity and doing exercise and training may not come so easily to you if you live in chronic pain. The debilitating pain can make you shy away from any form of exercise, and lack of this exercise can contribute to significant weight gain over time, and especially if you do not watch your calorie intake. CBD has proven effective in managing chronic conditions that may be as a result of a wide range of issues. With the pain taken care of, you can freely exercise and lead a more active lifestyle, which aids in weight loss.

Different people cope with stress and anxiety in different ways. If you are among the ones who stress-eat, then it is not surprising that you’d gain weight over time, and more so if you overdo the stress-eating. CBD has been proved to ease stress and anxiety. With this being the case, you will not find yourself always reaching for comfort foods when stressed, and this will do plenty for your weight loss journey.

Similarly, lack of proper sleep is a known risk factor for weight gain and obesity for several reasons. It can lead to an increase in appetite since sleep deprivation will cause your body to make more ghrelin, which is the hormone that signals hunger and increases appetite, and less of leptin, which signals fullness and suppresses hunger.

Additionally, poor sleep will contribute to a decrease in your resting metabolism rate (RMR) A lower RMR means that you will be burning less calories while at rest, and this can over time lead to being overweight.

CBD helps to improve the quality of sleep. Whether you have trouble sleeping occasionally, or suffer from chronic insomnia, using CBD can help you get a good night sleep. For the reasons highlighted, and more, proper sleep is fundamental when it comes to weight loss.


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Different Mechanisms for Different People


Looking at the outlined mechanisms of action, you may be wondering which one will apply to you. The short answer? Any of them, or all of them.

Your body is different from the next person’s and so will be your reaction to the use of CBD for weight loss. While its consumption may lead you to reduce your food intake, CBD may help someone else to lose some of their weight by promoting fat burning.

Most important is the fact that it does work, and you should be able to see the results regardless of the mechanisms involved in the process.


Top 13 CBD Oils for Weight Loss


As with any other product, CBD oils are not the same. Some are better suited for weight control and loss than others. There is a wide range of these oils to choose from, with some ranking higher than others on fronts such as safety and efficacy.


Qualifying Criteria


There is a wide range of CBD oils in the market. Our list of top CBD oils for weight loss takes into account the following :

  • Locally grown hemp
  • List of ingredients
  • Third-party testing
  • Type of ingredients
  • User reviews and positive feedback


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Our Picks


Who makes the cut to the top CBD oils for weight loss? Based on the criteria highlighted, here are some of the top choices for the best CBD oil for weight loss aid, and a look at how they will help you achieve these goals .


1. FabCBD CBD Oil

FabCBD is one of the highest-ranking brands and its CBD oil is of high-quality and proved effectiveness. The oil is made from organic, full-spectrum hemp. This CBD oil comes in various concentrations in the range of 150 mg to 1200 mg.

If you are not too keen on flavoured CBD oil, then the natural or unflavoured option is just right for you. On the hand, you can go for the mint or citrus flavour if you are looking for that refreshing taste. The CBD oil also has two fun and fruity flavors, namely berry and vanilla.

FabCBD oil helps to reduce pain and provides relief for muscle and joint pain that you may sustain during exercise, and other physical activity. You will be in good shape to continue being active and shed off some weight. The CBD oil also improves focus, and this will help your mind stay on your exercises and weight loss goals.

How to use: Start with a small amount, depending on, among other factors, the concentration of the Fab CBD oil that you buy. You can use the oil with or without food. Increase your dosage until the desired effects manifest.


2. CBDfx CBD Oil

You can be sure you will be getting a high-quality product when you buy CBDfx CBD oil. The oil is extracted using the most efficient and safest method, that is C02 extraction, and the brand prides in using only organic methods of farming.

The 100mg CBD Hemp+ MCT oil tincture is the best CBDfx CBD oil for weight loss. This all-natural, pure and highly potent tincture will help you lose a significant amount of weight and help keep off lost weight.

The oil tincture comes in a 30 ml bottle and has a potency of 1000 mg. There  are 500 mg potency products available for you if the 1000 mg product doesn’t produce the desired effects for you, or if your tolerance level is lower. If you have a higher tolerance, or are having trouble achieving the desired effects with the 100 mg potency, you can go for the 1500 mg product.

How to use: Recommended  dosage for the oil tincture is one dropper. Hold it under the tongue for at least a minute before swallowing. You can choose to add the oil tincture to your food or drink for optimal absorption.


Buying CBD products

What Factors Should Be Considered Before Buying CBD Products?


3. Joy Organics CBD Oil

The CBD oil from Joy Organics belongs to the broad-spectrum class and sourced from organically grown hemp. The oil also contains beneficial compounds such as essential oils and terpenes.

The CBD oil is available in several potency variants, in the 250mg-1500 mg range. They come in several flavors.

Using this CBD oil helps to suppress your appetite and you can look forward to not having cravings.

The oil will also increase your energy levels, leaving you feeling rejuvenated and ready to get physical and do some exercise to help with your weight loss.

The effects kick in pretty fast. This means that with some consistency and with the necessary lifestyle changes, you should be able to see some changes in your weight and shape within a relatively short time.


4. Spruce CBD CBD Oil

CBD oil from Spruce CBD is high-potent, full-spectrum. It is made from all-natural, gluten-free ingredients. Organic hemp seed oil is the carrier or base oil used in the production of this oil. The CBD oil is available in two strength levels, and does not contain any flavoring.

That it doesn’t contain any gluten or sweeteners is in itself not good for weight loss. This CBD oil is effective in reducing stress and anxiety. The CBD oil also helps to regulate sleep and suppresses appetite. It also delivers well on providing pain relief.


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5. Endoca Raw CBD Oil

Endoca products are proudly organic and ranked to be of high quality. Endoca’s CBD oil, in addition to the primary ingredients, also contain other essential compounds of the hemp plant. The oil also contains omega-3, omega-6, vitamin E and many micronutrients.

The CBD oil comes in a 1200 mg potency. The combination of cannabinoids and other compounds helps to regulate sleep and with it are the various advantages for weight loss. This CBD oil also regulates appetite and promotes healthy digestion. Endoca CBD oil also helps with regulating mood, and reducing anxiety and stress, putting you in the right frame of mind to pursue your weight loss goals.

Endoca CBD oil has a high potency and is fast-acting. User testimonies point to its efficacy in helping to lose weight over a relatively short time.


6. Sabaidee CBD Oil

Sabaidee CBD oil is extracted from organically grown hemp, and the company ensures that all products are thoroughly tested, both in-house and by a third party.

Sabaidee CBD oil uses coconut oil as its base oil and has a variety of other compounds such as vitamins, terpenes, and fatty acids.

The oil comes in 3 levels of strength, namely 250 mg, 1000 mg and 2500 mg and you can choose what suits you best depending on your tolerance, and weight loss goals. If you are a new user, you will want to stick to the lower potency product. It is also available in peppermint flavor which also leaves you with fresh breath.

Start with a full dropper of the lower strength, and you can increase your dosage based on your body’s response to each dosage.


Purchasing CBD

Purchasing CBD Oil: Price & Labels


7. Lily CBD Daily Strength

Lily CBD daily Strength delivers on several fronts that are crucial to weight loss. This CBD oil helps with insomnia and restlessness and also aids in reducing stress and anxiety.

This is a full-spectrum organic hemp oil that contains coconut oil. The CBD oil is available in a 30 ml bottle, and in every 1 ml of the oil is 16 mg of CBD potency. The 30 ml contains 500 mg potency.

Apart from the standard 30 ml bottle, you can buy a travel size bottle of the Lily CBD Daily Strength CBD oil which has 150 mg potency. This smaller bottle size is perfect for you to test the CBD oil before you can commit to buying the full-size product.

How to Use: You can start by using a full dropper of Lily CBD Daily Strength. Keep at it for at least 5 days, then increase your intake by up to half the dropper every 5 days until such a time as you’ll achieve the desired effect.


8. Charlotte’s Web CBD Oil

Charlotte’s Web CBD Oil helps to ease stress and anxiety, and these can stand in the way of weight loss. This CBD oil also improves focus and reduces exercise-induced inflammation. With a focused mind, and your body well recovered from inflammation, you should be able to jump right back into your physical exercise and training routine.

A 1 ml serving of Charlotte’s Web CBD oil is packed with 17 mg of potency. This CBD oil is organic, gluten-free and packed with other phytocannabinoids apart from CBD, flavonoids, essential fatty acids and a wide variety of other beneficial compounds.

Charlotte’s Web CBD Oil is available in several flavors including mint chocolate, lemon twist and organic blossom.

How to use:  Take 2 full droppers, that is 2 ml. You can take the oil up to twice a day.


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9. CbdMD CBD Oils

CBD oils from cbdMD are produced from pure, organic, and gluten-free ingredients. Coconut oil is the carrier oil for this CBD oil, and it also contains terpenes and other beneficial compounds.

The CBD oil is available in 8 potent CBD strengths ranging from 300 mg to 7500 mg. These potencies are perfect for various users, new or experienced.

CbdMD CBD oil helps to regulate sleep, with the many benefits for weight control and loss. It also helps to suppress appetite. The effects are not instant, but will be well worth the wait.


10. Nuleaf Natural Oils

Nuleaf Natural’s range of products is 100% organic. The CBD oil contains generous amounts of cannabinoids, essential oils, terpenes and other micronutrients.

Nuleaf Natural CBD oil is available in just one potency, but in various volumes. The potency is estimated at 48mg/ml. It is also unflavored.

The biggest benefit to this CBD oil lies in how well it regulates sleep. Healthy sleep helps to promote weight loss. The pain-relieving effects of the oil also helps with recovery after exercise, ensuring that you are in top shape to keep going with your routine and physical activity. Apart from aiding in weight loss, this CBD oil has been shown to improve energy levels.


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11. Diamond CBD Oil

Diamond CBD offers a wide range of 100% organic products including their CBD oil which has several weight loss benefits. Ingredients include olive oil, hemp seed oil, MCT oil, vegetable glycerin, and honey.

There is a wide range of CBD oils from Diamond CBD. These are available in several potency variants ranging from 30 mg to 3500 mg. Among the options for you to choose from including the daily boost range and relax full-spectrum CBD oil.

Diamond CBD oil delivers on several of the benefits that aid in weight control and loss. These include appetite suppression, reducing anxiety, boosting metabolism, and improving sleep.

The inclusion of all-natural honey as an ingredient also comes with some benefits that will complement the action of the cannabinoids. Honey is known to boost metabolism, helps with improving sleep, and decrease bad cholesterol in your body.


12. Sunsoil CBD Oil

Sunsoil CBD oil drops are as simple as they come, with only two ingredients, that is, organic hemp and MCT oil derived from coconut. This full-spectrum CBD oil is top-quality and 100% organic with a moderate potency of 20 mg/ml. This potency is manageable even for a new user.

Sunsoil CBD oil drops are unflavored. This makes it a perfect choice if you do not like the aftertaste of artificial flavorings in your mouth.


Benefits of CBD oil

Some Potential Benefits of CBD Oil on the Health


13. FOCL Mint CBD Drops

These CBD oil drops are made from THC-free CBD, with organic MCT oil as the base oil. The drops come in a 30 ml bottle in 300mg-1000 mg potency variants. The lower dose is just perfect if you are a new user. You can start with a dropper of the lower strength and work your way up to 2 droppers of a higher strength.

These CBD oil drops are available in several other flavorings apart from mint. These include cherry and orange cream. You can take the drops with or without food. These CBD oils are very effective as appetite suppressants and reduce cravings.


CBD Dosage for Weight Loss


There is no prescribed or standard dosage for CBD oil to help with weight loss. You will typically start with a small dose, which you should up according to your tolerance level. Apart from your body chemistry, your body weight will also help to determine how much CBD oil you should take for weight loss results.

The concentration of the CBD oil is another crucial factor that will determine dosage. Lastly, is the mode of administration or delivery.

On account of the many factors that affect dosage, it is important to consult with a physician or a medical marijuana doctor before you get started with using CBD oils for weight loss.

As a general use, start out small with your CBD oil dosage and gradually increase your intake until you achieve the desired results.


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Buying CBD Oil for Weight Loss


Apart from the highlighted CBD oil, there are many more in the market that you may want to buy and try out. Some helpful pointers to keep in mind as you do include the following

  • Full-spectrum CBD oils contain many compounds that combine to produce the entourage effect. These oils come highly recommended because they are high-potent and have a high efficacy. On the other hand, go for CBD isolate, or pure CBD oil if you are allergic to any of the other components in hemp extracts.
  • Know who you are buying from. You can never go wrong with brands that have a genuine certificate of good manufacturing processes (cGMP) and certificate of analysis (COA).
  • Give priority to brands and sellers that carry organic, non-GMO CBD products. These are standard markers of high quality.
  • Check product reviews and feedback from other users on their experience using a particular product. These are even better testimonies to the performance of the product than any sales copy the brand or seller may put out there.
  • You are free to try out as many products as you would like. Moderated trial and error will get you the CBD oil that is just right for you.


Getting the Most from Your CBD Oil


Even with evidence of the efficacy of CBD oil in weight control and loss, you can be sure that the results will not be immediate. It may take you some days, or some weeks before you can see a change in your weight and body shape.

The key is to remain consistent. Take your CBD at the recommended frequency without fail but be careful not to overdo it. You can take your CBD oil with or without food. Within a short time, functions such as your appetite will condition back to healthy levels.

CBD oil acts as an appetite suppressant, so you may want to take it around that time of the day or night when you usually find yourself over-indulging in food.

You also want to make sure that you do not use the CBD oil in isolation, hoping for good results. So much contributes towards successful weight loss, so you may want to make some changes. Eat a healthier diet, become more active, and together with your CBD oil, you should be able to see a change. Always think of this CBD oil therapy as complementary to lifestyle changes.

Lastly, the best thing you can do is you monitor your progress. If it seems like your CBD oil consumption is not producing the desired effects, then adjust your dosage accordingly to what gets you these results.


CBD effectiveness

Effectiveness of CBD


What to Expect


As highlighted, have realistic expectations. Using CBD oil will not cause a magical drop on your scale readings overnight. It will take time, and you will need to be patient and consistent as you take the CBD oil.

You also shouldn’t expect your body to react the same way as the next person’s. This means that you may need a higher or smaller dose before you can see any results. Your weight loss may also show sooner, or later compared to the next person.


Your Doctor’s Role


Your weight issues may be tied to an underlying problem that may require medical attention. Check with your physician to ensure you are in good health before you start using CBD oil to help you lose weight.

You may also want to discuss any medications you may be on with your doctor. This is because the CBD oil may cause diverse interactions with these other medications leading to other problems. Be sure to consult with your physician immediately if you experience any severely adverse effects after using the CBD oil.

Your doctor can also give you recommendations for the CBD oils to use, and the dosage that may work best for you. With some monitoring and continuous assessment, your doctor can help you find the right oil and dosage for you.

Because the CBD oil is supposed to serve as a complementary therapy, your doctor can help you develop a plan combining diet and exercise to help with your weight control and loss.


CBD oil for acne

CBD Oil Can Treat Acne Problem


Getting CBD oils for Weight Loss


Even if the research on specific elements is limited, there is enough evidence to support the efficacy of CBD oils as an aid for weight control and loss. This write-up has looked at the various mechanisms of action, and what to expect when you use the CBD oil.

You also have a good place to start, thanks to our list of top CBD oils worth trying for the best weight loss results.


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If you are keen on getting to enjoy these weight loss benefits, you should give CBD oils a try.  The process of getting the CBD oils and other cannabis products is quite straightforward, Fill out your marijuana card application, get approved and you will have what you need to go to your local State’s MMJ dispensary and buy the CBD oil of your choosing.


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