If you’re a medical marijuana patient, there are dozens of strains to choose from. Chronic weed is among the most popular strains, thanks to its potency and availability. The strain has been described as a potent hybrid that can be grown under various environmental conditions. 

During the early days of marijuana cultivation, chronic was a type of skunk weed. However, continuous breeding and crossbreeding have made chronic a mainstream strain that is universally loved. Thanks to its mild high, the strain is recommended to both recreational and medical cannabis users. 

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Chronic Weed Origin

Chronic is a blend of the AK47 and Northern Lights strains. The strain is said to have emerged from Amsterdam’s famous weed laboratories. Others point out that this cannabis strain is the brainchild of Serious Seeds, the producers behind other popular strains such as Double Dutch and White Russian. 

The popularity of Chronic weed is attested to by the fact that ‘chronic’ is a famous catchphrase for cannabis and has appeared on everything, including a Dr. Dre album. Marijuana enthusiasts hold Chronic in high regard and consider it to be among the highest quality strains. 


chronic strain

Traits of a Chronic Strain


Chronic Characteristics

Chronic was previously considered to be a predominantly Indica strain. However, since the turn of the century, the strain has been updated with Sativa. As a result, its potency and resin level has increased. Its popularity across the board has also soared. 

The Chronic strain is renowned for its sweet and spicy wildflower scent. It delivers an all-around high that feels right at home in different situations. The strain has a THC content of 10 to 20% and a CBD level of 1 to 13%. 

Cultivating Chronic

Like most marijuana hybrids, Chronic can easily adapt to different climatic conditions. Perhaps this explains its popularity among cannabis users throughout the world. Hypothetically, marijuana should be easy to cultivate since it was a weed in the first place. However, it takes a lot of effort to grow high-yielding marijuana hybrids such as Chronic. 

Chronic weed can either be grown indoors or outdoors. On a commercial scale, most producers prefer growing Chronic indoors since it’s easy to optimize conditions and, ultimately, yields. When cultivating cannabis, it’s best to check your plants every day.

Air and water temperatures also need to be controlled to maximize yields. The recommended air temperature for cannabis cultivation is 75-85°F when the lights are on. The temperature should drop by around ten degrees when the lights are off. Humidity should also be controlled to guarantee the health of the plants. 

On their part, outdoor Chronic cultivators utilize what mother nature has to offer. If you are dating a Chronic weed smoker, he/she has probably intimated to you that the best weed is grown under natural conditions. The full spectrum of sunshine and other climatic conditions creates a broader variance of cannabinoids. 

Under optimum conditions, you can harvest up to 600 grams of Chronic per square meter. Typically, the strain grows as a colossal end bud. Surrounding side buds tend to be smaller than the end Chronic weed buds. Thus, Chronic is suitable for those who wish to undertake a sea of green cultivation. 

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Chronic Weed Smoker Symptoms

Although Chronic is a potent strain, it’s mild-acting and cannot be compared to Godfather OG and other more potent strains. Thus, it’s difficult to tell if a person has smoked this marijuana strain. 

However, it’s best for both medical and recreational users to consume Chronic in the recommended dosage. Abusing marijuana increases the risk of dependency regardless of the strain you use. Other side-effects of abusing Chronic include loss of appetite, poor sleep, and digestion problems. 

Dating a Chronic Weed Smoker

Stoners are known to be fun-loving people and the life of the party. Contrary to common perception, they are also considerate and highly organized individuals who can make good partners. Although stoners tend to date fellow stoners, it’s also common to come across a non-smoker who dates a stoner. 

Dating a chronic weed stoner can be fun. For recreational users, getting stoned is a lifestyle choice. However, for medical users, smoking weed is a solution to whatever issue they’re battling. Therefore, if you don’t like your partner’s lifestyle choice because he/she uses medical marijuana, you shouldn’t get involved with the person in the first place. 


chronic weed

Chronic Weed Side-Effects


Does Chronic Weed Use Shrink the Brain Region?

According to a study report published in the American Medical Association’s JAMA journal, Chronic weed use doesn’t shrink the brain region. For years, those opposed to marijuana legalization argued that weed kills brain cells, this shrinking the brain. However, that has been proven to be a myth. 

Contrary to popular belief, weed can actually improve your IQ. A study conducted in New Zealand established that mild marijuana use elevates individuals’ cognitive ability. In particular, those who start using Chronic weed in adulthood don’t experience any depreciation as far as their mental capacity is concerned. More research needs to be conducted to unravel the link between chronic weed use and cognitive ability. 

How to Find a Chronic Weed Shop Near You

The proliferation of synthetic weed has raised concerns that consumers are using potentially dangerous marijuana. Whether you’re new to Chronic weed or you’re a seasoned user, you need to get your supply from a reputable dispensary that gets its products from trusted sources. 

In states where medical and recreational marijuana use is legalized, you’ll come across hundreds of dispensaries. Thus, choosing a Chronic weed shop that’s right for you can be overwhelming. It’s best to utilize online reviews and ask around to find a shop that suits you. 

A Chronic weed shop worth its weight won’t hesitate to feature a menu on its website as well as points. The same cannot be said of a shady dispensary. Likewise, you should find a dispensary that stocks a wide range of Chronic weed products, including edibles, buds, and lotions. This will give you a variety of choices when making your purchase. 

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Final Words

The word ‘Chronic’ somewhat has a negative connotation. However, stoners know just how potent this marijuana strain is. Regarded as a true classic marijuana strain, Chronic is loved by both recreational and medical users due to its uplifting high. The strain helps with depression, insomnia, stress, chronic pain, and eye pressure. Its ease of growing and high yield make it stoners’ favorite marijuana strain. 

You can only purchase and consume weed legally if you have a  marijuana card. At MMJ Doctor, we help patients with qualifying conditions to qualify for medical marijuana cards.

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