Why MMJ Doctors Love Electronic Medical Records

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Why MMJ Doctors Love EMR

  The healthcare industry is a fast paced world that can be filled with chaos. Not only are doctors dealing with multiple patients during the day, but doctors also need to supervise their supporting staff. In order for any type of healthcare facility to operate efficiently, there needs to be a system implemented, so that patients can get treated and the doctors are able to still manage all of their duties.  

MMJ EMR Software

  Prior to the development of any type of EMR software, a medical office had to deal with a great deal of paperwork. Each patient had their own personal file with several different levels of coding. Many patients can recall seeing their file color-coded with the file filled with paperwork. It was very difficult to manage all of the paperwork, but the supporting staff of these medical facilities spent time constantly moving files into a secure location. Any place that medical files were stored meant additional space and it really was hard to manage. A patient that perhaps came to the medical facility a few years ago might not have had a file on site. The staff would have had to go to a storage unit and look for the file. These types of issues were detrimental to a health care facility, but it also added extra stress.   The development of electronic medical records was a lifesaver. Not just for the medical marijuana industry, but for any type of health industry that needed to find a better way to save valuable patient records. EMR meant that the accessibility to these records was easier and if there was an emergency, a doctor could pull up the patient records immediately and be able to treat a patient. That was a huge improvement in healthcare and doctors began to see the value of this positive transition. Of course, the learning curve can be a bit stressful, but the benefits definitely outweighed the negatives. All medical facilities for the most part have now officially transitioned into EMR. The patient can come into a medical facility and literally be treated in less than 30 minutes for most ailments.  


Electroni Medical Records Software for Medical Marijuana Doctors

Electroni Medical Records Software for Medical Marijuana Doctors

MMJ doctors can really appreciate the ability to treat their patients faster. Generally, an assessment for a medical marijuana recommendation is fairly easy. A patient will do an intake form that involves general information and of course any existing conditions. The doctor also needs to know what medication a patient is taking, because certain medications do not work well with medical marijuana. After that, a patient is called into a patient’s room and there is an assessment. These assessments are generally fairly brief and a patient can then ask their MMJ doctor about the right type of medical marijuana. After that, a medical marijuana recommendation is generated and in some cases the patient will be able to get their medical marijuana card created on site. This allows the patient to go to a medical marijuana dispensary immediately.   This is a huge improvement in the MMJ industry, because before it was much more complicated. The electronic generation of recommendations with MMJ software is beneficial. Even if a patient does a consultation using an online website through a teleportal – the patient will still be able to get a recommendation generated. In certain states, a recommendation that is printed can be used and taken to a dispensary. The state of California requires a medical marijuana card in order to enter a dispensary, but a medical marijuana delivery service will honor a printed version of the recommendation. The state of Nevada allows a printed version of a marijuana recommendation in a dispensary, but the patient cannot be a Nevada resident.  As the medical marijuana laws change, the need for an efficient well-managed and user-friendly MMJ software is going to be necessary.   For doctors that are new to the industry, they are finding out that medical marijuana recommendations are extremely popular. This means, a doctor will be able to see multiple patients in a day. The charting for these patients is generally not too detailed, and less a patient has a long medical history. However, a physician still needs to make sure that there are notes taken for each patient that is seen. The doctor needs to be sure that the patient is mentally sound and that the patient is not abusing any type of drugs. The EMR software also can improve how a doctor documents a patient consultation. The new software is making everything extremely easy and a doctor can also use an electronic device. This means, a doctor has the ability to treat patients around the clock and even from home, if a doctor is working from a medical marijuana website. It is fantastic for patients and doctors are able to increase their income. The other reason why MMJ doctor software is so popular: doctors are able to review reports to see how they are preforming weekly or monthly. It is always a good idea to review this type of information, because a doctor needs to know how efficient their operation is running.
MMJ Doctor Electroni Medical Records Software

MMJ Doctor Electroni Medical Records Software

There are so many advancements in medical technology and of course in the software world. The healthcare organizations around the world are always looking for the best way to improve healthcare, whether it be in the medical marijuana field or some type of other practice. Doctors want to treat their patients and get them the best care, along with making everything convenient. Now that most medical records are electronically generated and maintained, it is opening a wide world of accessibility. The old days of having to dig through paper records is officially over and now, a patient can review their information and file from a computer or a cell phone app.  These improvements are making a day of only seen 20 patients become a day where a doctor can see up to 50 patients from the comfort of their own home using a webcam and full functioning MMJ doctor software. To get Your software please send a request here info@mmjdoctor.com https://mmjemr.com/
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