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Shipping Marijuana – lucky or not?

“Oh, No more than 5 years in prison for the first offense under 50 grams for trafficking a Schedule I drug and continues to climb dramatically when you ship larger amounts of cannabis. “

In case if you ship medical cannabis and get hassled at some point, you certainly need to have a valid medical marijuana card from licensed cannabis doctor on you, that allows you to possess, transport and use medical pot.

The US postal service played a huge role in the so-called war on marijuana.  It’s become publicly known that the real gangs, the cartels that are so intertwined with many government organizations and officials at all levels caused the real damage and problems. At the same time, the smaller guys, little dealers, and your regular John are the ones that get busted via the US postal service for shipping even the smallest quantities of medical cannabis.

New York Medical Marijuana Shipping Arrest


The constitutional law clearly states that marijuana is the business of each state individually.  At the same time, it is also clear that if cannabis related business or trade involves more than one state, that is ruled to be inter-state business and is under the Federal Government jurisdiction, which is governed by the DEA.


UPS, FedEx, and DHL couriers reserve the right to inspect and open any package they want.

In case if courier finds medical cannabis going interstate or is illegal in this state, quantity is over specified state limits, you’re in trouble.  But, the USPS website states that its first class letters and parcels are protected against search and seizure under the Fourth Amendment to the Constitution and are not opened without a search warrant. Sounds good!

Can I get arrested even if i am a medical marijuana patient

Can I get arrested even if i am a medical marijuana patient

U.S.P.S is the preferred carrier for many shippers because it is the only carrier who offers protection under the Fourth Amendment, which states that postal inspectors must acquire a search warrant based on probable cause before inspecting it.


Right now, the Federal government and its agencies do not necessarily abide by the constitution nor respect state law and rights of individuals.  The FEDs basically did whatever they wanted. Once in a while, they got slapped in court for ridiculous transgressions, like raiding a state licensed CBD producer – arresting the CEO- and freezing their bank accounts. Such a mess!

“However, this is not the case with the USPS. USPS employees work for government and are government employees. They are the federal government and they need a search warrant to access your package/mail. Both FedEx and UPS are strongly encouraged to work with law enforcement. They report any package that look like drugs or smell like it. USPS offering $50,000 to any person who provides info that leads to the arrest of a drug dealer.”


USP marijuana inspector

Pot detection devices can detect pot by sensing volatile elements that seep out of packages. Also, X-Ray scanners can pick up images that recognize organic matter such as cannabis.

Drug-sniffing dogs smell out odors that come out of containers, luggage, and even plastic bags. Don`t forget, a dog’s are 50 to 100x more sensitive to smells than us! So when you can smell something, the sniffing dogs will likely freak out. Try to test your package by putting some smelly material in the container and leave it in a ziplock bag for some time. Then open the zip lock package and see if you can smell it.

“The US postal service being used to facilitate drug operations… It is hard to believe what amount of drugs are get pumped into communities all around our country through our mail system every day, and we have to find the way to deal with that mess.” – US Goverment


In cases like these, rogue DEA intimidates and rough house “suspected drug dealers”, saying they are doing their job, rooting out drug traffickers.  Well, CBD is not a drug, it’s non-psychoactive. It’s the only function is to heal.  Cannabis component CBD seems to be the most medicinal of all marijuana components. In states where medical cannabis is legal, opiate sales and consumption drops, overdose drops, driving under influence drops dramatically.  It’s clear, medical cannabis enemy #1 of big pharma, and big alcohol industry.  A handful of old-fashioned dudes, big old money owns this alco-med cartels and pulls the strings in D.C. Crazy?

The USPS, as a Federal agency, complies with the said cartel and works with the DEA to enforce anti-trafficking laws and regulations. Though, technically, it may be legal to ship medical cannabis within your state, but who knows how Fed`s will act at any point in future, regardless of the law.

“When a postage crosses state borders the crime instantly becomes federal. Remember, in the eyes of the federal law, medical pot is still considered a drug with no medicinal value. One more thing, even if you did not mail the package and are only the recipient, your participation in the planning of the shipping makes you just as guilty as the person who sent the package.”


The Silk Road website was an online darknet platform for selling illegal drugs and substances. It was established as a Tor hidden service. Users were able to buy drugs anonymously. The recipient could be charged with drug trafficking if a drug was purchased on the Silk Road. Silk Road was popular in states where medical cannabis was illegal, in the case of cannabis.

“The U.S. Postal Inspection Service is committed to eradicating illegal drugs and their proceeds from the U.S. Mail. We pursue traffickers of all forms of illegal drugs—including medical pot, which remains illegal under the federal law. Our prohibited drug program focuses on the disruption of organized drug-trafficking operations, to help protect employees and customers from the violence related to drug trafficking, and to inhibit the spread of illegal or unmailable substances into neighborhoods across US.”


We believe that it is not worth the risk of shipping medical cannabis outside the state you live.  When you ship marijuana legally instate, you’re going to want to ship it in accordance with local laws, to avoid unwanted problems.  Many law enforcement agents agree; they don’t want waste time on trivial cannabis cases. So pack it and pack it well, so the dog can`t smell.

What is the real odds of getting into trouble?  Of the millions of packages shipped every day, what is the chance that anyone parcel gets inspected, and your ass busted?

“When a package is seized, then shipper faces prosecution in both the state in which it was shipped, as well as the state in which it was delivered, based on the discretion of the prosecutor. According to the Fed Ex employee, prosecutors have been adding a “bootlegging” charge to large parcels caught leaving Colorado and Washington specifically. A bootlegging charge requires 12 years in federal prison. Crazy”

Millions of letters and packages are shipped via USPS each day.  About 3,000 people are arrested by US postal inspectors each year for suspicion of drug-trafficking and money-laundering via the U.S mail. Nationwide in 2014, USPS inspectors made 3,299 arrests and confiscated about 62,000 lbs of cannabis in about 9,600 packages. In 2015, law enforcement agents made 3,622 arrests and indictments for mailing of drugs.  The number of cannabis parcels seized by inspectors fell more than 14 percent in 2016. This trend continued in 2017, where pot seized in packages amounted to 44,505 lbs.

Let’s assume that 4 people out a thousand mail marijuana, that the there are about 400,000 marijuana shippers.  With 2,000 arrests per year, the ballpark odds of getting busted come out at 2/4000.

“Do you feel lucky, punk?  Do you.?”  – Clint Eastwood.  If you do ship pot and you get a hassle, you definitely want to have a valid medical marijuana card on you. With medical marijuana card from a licensed marijuana doctor in your pocket, you can possess, transport and consume medical marijuana as much as you need for your personal use.

MMJ DOCTOR:  The Medical Board of California, New York, and Florida allow licensed doctors to evaluate mmj patients to determine if Medical Marijuana can help treat their symptoms.  Our Marijuana Doctors will help you with your symptoms. To schedule your in-person evaluation please book an online appointment here.

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